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  1. Hello everyone, I have not been around in a long time! I have been pretty busy with getting school finished up soon and work! Just thought i would stop by and say hello. Hopefully when my life slows down a little i can get on here and start playing what ever new game is out by then! Hope everyone has been doing good.
  2. Well on february 29 at 1:30 am we had a tornado rip through the area were I live and It damaged Kimberling city about a mile north of me and damaged others north of me....I had lots of trees down in my yard! There is thousand without power, mostly the people north of me like in branson and there was over 20 hotels/motels damaged and over 40+ stores/resturants/attractions damaged. I am without power at the this time as im typing but we got the generator running so hopefully we get the electricity back on! I will be spending the next few days helping clean up, cutting trees up and hauling them out with the truck! Well thats my life right now here in southern missouri. [GEN]AJOEL
  3. Well lead_magnet Good Job on makeing it to the superbowl...........Go Giants...beat em pats
  4. Bears dont play.......AHAHAHAHAHA
  5. anyone wanna know what his K:D ratio is on Black ops and MW3
  6. Just put [GEN] in front of your name and in other games where it allows you to put your tags on in game just erase the clan tags in game. Like Revy said
  7. Hey

    Hey all, been awhile since i have not been around as much. School has started and hopfully will be in and outta game soon since i am not working full time. Just wanted to stop b and say HEY!
  8. Bears and packs go bears
  9. Here were i live there is a movie theater that allows people to purchase a Rated R movie ticket at 17, well at least thats how it was like a month ago, but i doubt that has anything to do with this topic. Well im done taliing about this subject i think i have no fukn clue wats going on anyways, lol!!!!!!
  10. I mean the whole thing that a minor cant buy a Rated M or violence vid. game
  11. Good sportsmanship along with Respect honsety and friendship!!!!!!
  12. Its a FAIL game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Blops and W@W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. chughahabnida , geuligo jang-gun e osingeol hwan-yeonghabnida!!!!!!!!!!! ( congratulations, and welcome to the generals)