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  1. Thanks guys! I know I shouldn't really plug another server, but you can usually catch me on the 82nd server most nights for an hour or 2 Take care Scottie
  2. Hi there Guys! Long time no speak. I hope you are all doing well? Sorry I dropped off the map, but a lot of crap has been happening and with none of you guys playing WaW anymore, it was kind of hard. I just thought I'd pop and say hi! Take care and all the best Scottie Ps. If you see me in Steam, please feel free to chat
  3. Glad to have you back mate!
  4. Glad to have you with us mate!
  5. Belated Merry Christmas mate! Hope you had a great day!
  6. Merry Christmas to one and all, when it comes to you! I hope you and your families have a wonderful time and that Santa is good to you! Hopefully catch up with you over the Festive season!
  7. Happy Birthday Cartoon Generals! What a fantastic bunch of guys and I'm honoured to count some of you as friends. I have the weekend off and have no plans, so if you see me on Steam, and want to get together and kill each other give me a shout. I might even get round to installing World of tanks!!! lol!
  8. Cappy! It could be only you! LOL! What are you like!
  9. Nice to hear from you Lt Airborne! Access to you forums is fine for me, just about to try ingame!
  10. Glad to hear it Cappy! Should be able to catch me over the next few days. Tuesday and Thursday night's my time are more likely! Take care guys and see you's soon!
  11. Hi there guys! Long time no see/speak. Work's been crazy recently, so I've been off even less than usual. Off on holiday for the next week so hopefully manage to catch up with you's!
  12. Sorry, ive not been around that much. Issues in my private life have hindered my gametime. When i want to play no one else does, or there's only Stalin and myself. End up going on other servers just so as to have some company. I dont want to lose this server, but I cant do it by myself! Come on guys, please help!
  13. A MASSIVE Thanks to all who came on W@W last night, had an awesome time! Started playing it at around 2000 and came of some time after 0300. One of the best ingame nights I've had in months, even if Draid now officially owns me due to killing me so many times! LOL! I think at one stage we had 19 people on the server, so it just goes to show, if we get people in there, others will join! Thank you Medic for all the hard effort you are doing to sort our server out. This should help us go from strength to strength Hope we can do it again soon guys! Thanks!
  14. Could that be the reason why I don't have any admiin powers anymore? Playing on the server with a couple of pubbers but one keeps running and i can't control him! Putting others off! I'm in teamspeak if you can help!