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    I love good and classic Sci-Fi: movies, books, tales, short tales, etc. Asimov, Clarke, Niven and other authors are my favorites. But, do you know what really love about Sci-Fi? That the classic authors experimented in their work different ways of evolution of the human being.
  1. What about the new Call of Duty?
  2. I don't even remember when was the last time that I logged here. A little more than a year ago I lost my job: the company was sold and my department reassigned to outsourcing. But, I found a new job and I have been on my new job for almost a year. I have a new computer and budget to buy one or two new games, any suggestions? I'm still playing PlanetSide 2, and I'm level 102. Any way, I'm happy to be here again. Sfc
  3. And, who else is going to join us? D_H
  4. Thank you. Could you please add my wife too? This is her account: locaporto Thank you. D_H
  5. This is a game for phone or tablet. Just to Google Play and look for Simpsons Tapped Out. The game is free, but to build things faster and get cool stuff you will need doughnuts, which sometimes you will get thru the game, but mostly you will need to buy them. Let me know if you decide to play it to "friend you" and get more points to get cool stuff. Enjoy. D_H
  6. Hi Gen's, I'm looking for "Friends" on The Simpsons Tapped Out game. This Halloween season is hard to get the prizes, so I'm looking for help. Any volunteers? D_H
  7. Ah, Waller. Be ready for Friday's Vanu Open House D_H
  8. Recommendation II (Courtesy of Waller) Shoot always to the face or head. Again Max's anti air or vehicles (using rockets), use snipers; is not going to work to shoot them at the head, but they will for sure abandon its position and sometimes (with enough shots) you may kill them.
  9. I have created a topic called Planetside 2 101. Let's move this chat over that topic and let's have this topic only for rules discussion. Thanks D_H
  10. Recommendations I Play as a Medic or Engineer: using any of these skins is going to give a lot of XP, might not be much glamour but is going to be very rewording. And playing as Medic or Engineer doesn't mean that you can't attack, in fact as an Engineer you attack a lot and as Medic you also can kill a lot. Make yourself a paid member: You might become a paid member for 9.99 per month (or even less) and your are going to obtain a discounts on gear and SC points to buy gear. Doing some math, you will discover that using the 59.99 of a COD will give you close to six months of playing and if you add the cost of the COD extra maps you will have more months. SOE updates the Continents and Bases maps every 2 months. And the more important, once you have reached some level, you no need to continue paying. When a base is overrun, do not stay in that base. Most of the time one faction has enough power to overrun one base, in those cases do not stay on that base and spawn in another base, close enough to jump "by behind" or "clear the air" of aircraft vehicles. I have seen a lot of time attacks that are coming from outside the base and make the enemy go away. And if the entire continent is overrun, try another continent: now there are four. Do not stay in a continent where the numbers of your faction are poor. Change the continent, change the war place. And the most important, play in a squad. Playing solo is fine, I have played a lot of time in that way, but playing in a squad or platoon is going to give you not only more XP but also a huge advantage over the other factions. Planetside 2 seems to be made to be played in huge armies.- That's why I wanted to introduce it to the Generals, we can play as a big platoon and do attacks from massive aircraft fleets or tanks or assassin squads or hit and run; the possibilities are incredible, but in a squad or platoon. Enjoy... D_H
  11. In this topic I'll give recommendations of how to play Planetside 2 and obtain XP faster and easy.
  12. There have been a lot of patches, but I think none of them is what you were expecting. Sniping is actually working as a "Hole in One" with every shot; but you need to be an sniper and shoot to the head. About the guns
  13. Hahahaha. Oh well. I like Planetside 2. And yes, it seems that the Generals don't like it.
  14. Come and see what is Planetside 2 on this Open House. Date: On Demand Hour: On Demand Region: US West Server: Connery Faction: Vanu My Name on Planetside: Dark_Estel Agenda Explain how to connect to the game and create a character. Enter into the game and wait until everybody is in. Create a squad. Short explanation about the different skins. Spawn a Galaxy and give everybody a Planetside 2 tour. Enter into the action. Don't forget start downloading the game 24 hours before.- It takes a long time to have it installed. And please write down in this topic your name and the date when you want to have an Open House. Enjoy. D_H