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  1. Happy Birthday to all.
  2. Voted
  3. Pre ordered! Got sucked in again.
  4. Welcome Jayne, enjoyed killing you and being killed by you in game and talking in TS.
  5. Good to see another Californian joining up. Welcome.
  6. Totally stoked about new maps. Computers and games are my only money vices. Will pay, no problem.
  7. I'm one of those who likes a clean desktop. Except for a gadget to tell me date,time and weather, my desktop is completely empty. Of course I do have a background pic.
  8. Ok, I installed version 2.018 and it works even though I got the latest TS3 beta. Thanx for the help Slowsky
  9. drool, drool. I'm with Fluffy,, I'll except donations.
  10. Downloaded and installed, what I get is this: Plugin failed to load: Api version is not compatible Any thoughts? Thanx, Quiet
  11. ok here is an attachment of my editing window.
  12. No, I have no problem getting to my profile and can edit there. What I can't do is change or update my contact info.
  13. Hi, I've been all over my profile and can't find where to change my contact info. What I want to do is put in my Steam ID. Any help will be appreciated.
  14. I went ahead and ordered the new maps. I'm assuming if they are in the map rotation and if you don't have them, then you don't play for that rotation.
  15. I know it's not a laughing matter,, but I had to chuckle when skinny limped away.