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  1. Be sure to point your downloads for your browser/browsers to one of the HDs otherwise will default to :C , Also you can move Steam games with steammover to the SSD for the ones that will take advantage of it.
  2. I run two 560Ti's in SLI , these actually ... BOps...sustained FR of 120 ( limited in config file ) @1920x1080 all settings max , In Metro DX11 all settings including AA/AAL at max it averages high 40's , BF3 , again settings maxed averages 75-80 but have set to sync @60.
  3. Sign the petition , call or write your congressman , let your voice be heard. This is not just about the rights of artists as they would leave you to believe. This is about giving corporations complete control over the internet. No more Craigslist , E-Bay , etc. It will give them the power to block your site immediately if any copyright infringement is suspected or implied leaving YOU the burden ( And expense ) to prove otherwise. Corporate attorneys and big money will have utter control. For more information Sign the petition If this is passed , not only will free enterprise be restricted but it gives the Government carte blanche in it's ability to censor what you see and what you can post. Even if you trust the current administration this power will stay in place long after they have gone. Again , please write or call your congressman , or at the least sign the petition . Let your representative know that this is America , not China and that the American people will not stand idly by and have their rights stripped away.
  4. I have built dozens of gaming systems over the years and I will tell you the best thing is to let someone with experience do it for you so you do not suffer the numerous pitfalls you are likely to encounter. What I suggest is that you simply write me a check to cover your hardware and OS , and maybe a little extra and let "Greyhound do the driving" so to speak. Seeing that my bank still refuses to let me deposit any checks under my Fluffy the Cuddly Bunny name , just write it out to my sir name ..Mr. Cash.
  5. Seriously , I have been using liquid cooled systems for close to 10 years now until recently. Not much into the " pushing to the limit " overclocking like I once was . Let me know if you need any help.
  6. Here is a swell idea if you happen to have an old Corolla or Civic in your yard..
  7. I understand the new games are consuming a lot of the members time but it would be nice to come play BO in our server a bit more . It is empty more times than not and when it isn't I generally find I am the only GEN on and as such am delegated to the role of Admin to curtail the rule breakers and uninformed new visitors. I'm sure it is the same for others when they get on and find themselves the lone GEN regular players look to for assistance. Last week I had the pleasure of another GEN on during my favorite map , Havana , and had to constantly stop to rule/warn a violator. I asked the other GEN member , who was not on TS to please take care of the runner since was on his team and easier to observe without going into spectate but to no avail. I'm not trying to knock someone down or anything , just making a point that it is much more fun when there are more members on , not just to share the workload but to enjoy the fellowship . Anyway hope to see more of you on soon.
  8. Yeah it had me rolling. My wife looked at me like I was crazy. Favorite part : "Just give me a fur hat and a tassel!" "My fuhrer, it has cruise control" "I don't get tired! Fuck cruise control!"
  9. Here is a great place for parts , especially if you own any of the AK variants or anything old or military. It's local to me and I have purchased a few guns and accessories in the past. The owner is a great guy who will bend over backward to help you fins whatever you need. If your local its nice to able to browse around and get a hands on of a LAW or WWII era flame thrower!
  10. Western Digital Black edition drives are pretty fast nowadays , 7200 rpm and caches up to 64mb . Much faster than the drives of a few years ago. Sure if you can afford it get a SSD to use as an OS drive to complement it but will still load pretty quick on its own. A one terabyte 32mb cache WDB goes for $85 currently on Newegg.
  11. Here's a fix for it although may take a few modifications.... bring it on rice burners!
  12. I didn't mean for this to turn into a brands bashing contest . I Have had EVGA cards , have 2 Asus cards now , ( My 560Ti's ) , andl own a 5 yr old MSI 8800GT with factory overclock and a factory installed Zalman cooler that still works great. If you really want to bash something lets pick on something deserving .. like ATI !
  13. Not sure why anyone would pay this much when you could SLI cheaper but for those who want to say " Mine is bigger than yours" here it is ..
  14. Found this the other day browsing the web. This couple travels alone from one end of the Congo to the other in a 4x4 . Not sure if they were brave or just a bit stupid. Anyway its a bit long but worth the read. If it gets boring I'll let slip a bit of a spoiler where they get chased by a machete welding crowd of cannibals .