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  1. Happy new year to everyone
  2. hi blackbox
  3. its nice to see you again on game jeep....beep...beeppp.......welcome back...
  4. I'm very sorry mate to being iresponsible to be not active playing bf I can't afford to buy any DLC but I'm still playing World at War BTW nice to see all of you cartoongenerals..,.wooottt...wooootttt
  5. sayonara sensei gemu ga omoshiroi desune jaa...mata ne....
  6. merry Christmas to all of you especially the long lost friends caustic and tbone
  7. mine expansion pack china rising
  8. congrats m8
  9. awesome...awesome....awesome.....
  11. you can download this video on the apps.for iphone,ipod touch,ipad,ipad mini
  12. FNG

    welcome aboard your choose the right place hheheheheheh c u in battle field mate :thumbsup:/>:biggrin:/>
  13. nope
  14. voted/ Group: Toontown War Council Posts: 2,819 Joined: 13-December 10 Steam ID:Cappy LocationSydney Aust Posted Yesterday, 05:18 PM I honestly think we need to be able to play both, If/when we get to scrimmages then we would really need to be military style,{and that would include any practice's for said scrims} and by that i mean following directions given from Team/Squad leaders and using the radio as its intended.. one thing I will never do, and i dont expect anyone else to either, is call ANYONE sir. But when we are just playing amongst ourselves, i believe we should allow everyone to tryout different weapons and experiment with the basics untill they get to a stage where they are comfortable with a variety of weapons in a variety of situations. i agree to you cappy
  15. wow awesome m8