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  1. I've been messing around in Beta a little. I like it, fun to just log on and blow some stuff up in a goofy world. LOL Plus I think it plays pretty well for a shooter, fairly smooth. Love the jump jets. I've got several invites left over also if anyone is interested.
  2. 1) MechWarrior Online 2) MoH WF 3) various goofy games on steam. KillingFloor,Payday etc. 4) Occasionally I fire up BO or CoD4
  3. I like it, but have not played too much. Mine won't even launch now. LOL , just goes to a black screen and sits there. Oh well, I'll get into it later when they get it all patched.
  4. yeah seems to be a lot of these type of issues after going through the game forums. I've restarted the mission 2x, then restarted on easy, still same issue. Some people had that work for them,
  5. Is anyone having issues with the single player campaign in Warfighter? mine keeps going to a black screen at the end of the "Finding Fez" or something like that missions. I also keep getting warnings about my cloud data not matching my local data. Which makes me replay mission over and over. LOL Any ideas?
  6. all I see on their facebook page is stuff about the Zombies.
  7. Wow I can not believe they are not allowing private servers, you would think they would of seen how poorly that went over with other games. I guess the no longer care how long their games gets played, just how many they sell at launch. >< If that ends up being true, I doubt I'll buy it till it is a $5 dollar steam sale.
  8. Thanks for the help! It helps to know your headed in the right direction before you leap sometimes. I think those part along with getting that SSD in there should help quite a bit. My system does OK, but tends to get a bit overloaded with BF3 or any new shooter unless I turn graphics way down. Just get sorta Lag spike feeling quite often, so I am hoping a little faster CPU with better system speed should help some. I just like to make sure it runs smooth. I can deal with low graphic quality if I have too, just need to be smooth.
  9. Thanks for weighing in! I will probably not be overclocking. I think the last time I did so was to make my Pentium 233, run at 267 or something like that. LOL I know it is a lot easier now to do so, but unless it makes a huge difference I will not, or at least not to the extent of needing water cooling and the like to maintain it. I was looking at the PRO, And all the various other versions of their Z77 set. They have a lot of them. LE, LX , M M-Pro etc. I think my Vcard is a 6850. I'll have to check when I get home. I would like to stick with the same card for now. OS is Win7-64 bit. Budget wise - I would like to end up with a good running system that will last a few years, but do not necessarily want to buy the most shiny thing that I will not take advantage of if you know what I mean.
  10. I need some advice from a computer smartie. I can put them together OK, but I have really been out of the hardware loop for several years and there seems to be a zillion options now. LOL Currently I have a 2.5 ghtz Q9300 core 2 quad, on a Gigabyte MB of some sort and 8 gigs of RAM. My V-card is newer, it is a ATI 6800 with 1 gig or memory I think... Anywise, it shows it legs when I try to play newer FPS games a bit and I am considering upgrading. Now from research on my MB, I have the fastest CPU it can handle, so I am looking at MB, CPU and RAM at the least. Maybe a power supply as well. About a year ago I know the hot thing was a Core i5 2500k, That still seems to be a pretty good option, but I now also see the Core i5 3570k which is only about $30 more. Newer junk, uses less power etc. So that seems like a good way to go. ?.? Now MB is where I get a bit stumped. There are several different chip sets, the new Z77 looks like the way to go. I would like to get in on that SSD cache deal. I am partial to Asus and Gigabyte Mb since I have used both in the past, but I have not bought one in quite a while, so I could use some recommendations. I've been looking at all of their models and it is a bit confusing to tell which model has what. I cant seem to find a simple comparison chart. I do not currently run dual V-cards, but I would like to have that option. I appreciate any advice and thanks for any help.
  11. I agree, the changes to the interface are as annoying as hell. I can not even begin to understand their reasoning. Other than that it seemed to run fine.
  12. <-- Neziah
  13. I think I would enjoy the pedals more than the joystick. It would be sweet to drive the mech with my feet and not have to use WS to turn.
  14. OK that is pretty awesome. I've been thinking of trying to find my old pedals and joystick to try out. They are probably too old to work though LOL