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  1. Jinx, Timberwolf was saying you are planning a fun night for WT. Any info you can share here in the pubbie side?
  2. That is a screen cap from fraps or a ingame replay. I dont really recall. I dont use fraps while ingame, I'll save a good replay, then record that with fraps.:thumbsup:/>
  3. Glad to see so many of you getting into this great game!! See you in the skies, and hopefully not like this: BEFORE and AFTER
  4. Congrats on making it 25yrs!!! from the looks of that pic, 25 more shouldn't be a problem!:thumbsup:/>
  5. I see runez flying also, but hes never on coms or responding to ingame pokes
  6. Yup, no link here at all
  7. Seems the event has ended, and Gajin knows the the keys went out to locations that were not suppose to get them, and they may get canceled.
  8. FREE A-26-C HURRY!!!!!!!!!!! Use google chrome and setup a german proxy!!!!!!!!! instructions are listed in the link.
  9. The mouse and keyboard setup is the preferred method of control for now. it is tons smoother that WoWP! If you play on the russian server, you may get some packet loss, but that is rare. There are also EU and US servers running. The US server is good for arcade battles mostly, but if your willing to wait in Que, you can find a historic battle.
  10. Here are the proposed tech trees(not all are in game at this time) Russia, Fighters: Russia, Bombers/attackers: Germany: Great Britain: USA: Japan
  11. Here is a large Q&A with the developers of WT. There will be clan support coming soon, maybe with the next patch (1.30), but we will see. Questions about future development will not be answered! Q: 2x daily bonus does not seem to give anything? A: Will be checked with developers. Q: Why plane of same tiers does not have same cost and repair cost? A: Variant, efficiency, engine rating, weapon rating are all factors to take. It is very hard to place planes to tier to exactly match each other. Sptfire MkI and Bf-109E-3 are good match because they fought each other, but E-3 had an edge on Spitfire. Q: Did Bf-109s were altered in last 1.29 patch? A: Small tweaks in FM were done, but in general all FM in all game modes are the same. Game engine itself makes flying more easy in arcade. Q: How about adding more realism to arcade vs making arcade fun? A: Arcade is supposed to be fun and it is probably going to stay like that but there is no definitive answer to that. Q: On HB mayor problem is you are stuck with one faction. Friend went other way, other factions and play so we have problem to play HB together. A: When WW mode comes out everything is going to change.It is very hard to explain to all players that we are playing only 20% of the game at the moment. Q: Some different map in HB were on and it was great to break monotony but now they are not? A: Some maps have bugs and developers are working on them. As soon as they are fixed, they will be back in game. Q: What was the reason behind backup planes? A: A lot of people were pushing to have two of same aircraft and to be able to be used in same battle. And option to do it was added. Q: Do you think HB now have too much downtime during battle (takeoff, landing, flying forward and back)? A: That is the way how it is done, you have to pick up altitude, check battlefield etc. Best fighter pilot Erich Hartman said "If you don't have advantage don't engage". So, downtime is part of game and was much more in real life. Q: What happened with economy and why is economy like this now? A: Basically, we don't want people to join the game and get to level 20 in a week. Before, that was possible, people come to game, bomb targets, leave the game or kamikaze not being punished at all. Now economy is set to eradicate that. Also, every economy change need to run for at least a week for data gathering before any decision is made. So, don't worry about economy too much, it will be changed for sure again and again. Q: Do you guys have any plans about wipeout after beta? A: No, absolutely not, no wipe is planned. Q: Would it be possible to get notice prior to patch itself? A: It is not possible. Notes will be more informative, i hope. Q: Premium user in todays economy cannot afford planes because XP is much more that lions. Why premium user does not get more money and less experience? XP gain outlevel lions by far. A: Will be passed to devs and balance checked. Q: Do you have plans to make harder arcade mode (with more realistic flight models), 4th mode? A: Nothing is planned at this moment. Developers feel there is no need for now to introduce new game mode. Q: Bomb load of some bombers in the game is lower than what bombers could take in real life? A: That was done intentionally because of balance and necessity to stop bombers from killing all ground units in one pass. Q: Yer-2 and why it carries more bombs then any other bomber in game? A: Have to be checked with developers, not sure. Q: Do you have plan to add more area targets for tactical and strategic bombers? A: There are some great ideas about that and dev team is investigating new types of targets for strategic and tactical bombing. Q: Any plans to introduce assets from the single missions and campaigns into arcade mode, maps etc etc. A: New maps are in development and are coming when they are ready (have been tested). Q: Tu2 is in the bomber line, why, it's more of an attacker kind of aircraft. A: Their line will be revisited soon, new roads will also be available. Q: We had a new damage system in hb, but it seems like its been rolled back to 1.27, why? A: There was some bugs in it and it will be back in the next patch. Q: Can we expect more in depth info about the planes? A: They will be updated shortly. Q: Why is AAA's super accurate? how can they track you from +10km ? A: If it becomes player controlled your going to see a whole different ball game. Q: Why do we earn about 1/5 xp when the planes experience bar is full? any changes? A: Its all about game balance, things change every patch. Q: Why is domination mode so rare? A: Post it on the forum and it will be taken to the developers. Q: There is different kinds of bombs where can i find more info about the diffrent kind of bombs? A: It will be put on the forum tomorrow (03-23) Q: Why cant we adjust the gun convergence in arcade? A: Fill a bug report on the forum. Q: Will you give us the option to add/delete guns? A: No, simply for the balance. Q: Rockets for German planes? A: It will come eventually, its all about balance. Q: Are gunners going to be a bit more effective? A: Try and switch to the gunners yourself, no AI will ever be as good as you. Q: Why cant we see what ammo is in the 'default' ammo type? A: Its a bug and will be fixed soon, hopefully the next patch. Q: Is the ammo velocity reflected? A: Yes. Q: Are there going to be any changes to the instructor? A: Yes, mouse aim will be tweaked. Q: Will the economy be changed? A: Yes. Q: Do you have statistics about how long it takes for a player to go from 0-12 and what planes should a level 12 player have? A: We do have statistics but we can't really tell you. Q: Why is there a huge gaps in the current Russian tech tree. A: More planes will be added, but making their DM and FM takes time. Q: Will the levels be 'historic' etc planes who fought each other is the same level? A: Yes, when all the planes have been released. Q: Why is there icons telling me who is friendly and the enemy? A: We had a patch where there was no icons and it brought the whole fighting to the ground, which we dont want. Q: Is there any plans on giving bombers some bonus? etc pilot die, co pilot take over, as long as you behave as a heavy bomber you get a wingman. A: This will be taken to the developers. Q: Is there any plans to introduce a 4th game mode? A: Thera are no current plans of introducing a 4th game mode. Q: Is there a plan to create a 4th mode, so that there may be a historical mode that fits for arcade players and a historical mode that fits for simulation players? (This is in relation to the bad visibility in FRB. Lemsko explained the issue deeply) A: There are currently no plans to create an additional game, however we are reviewing player activity and listening to experienced pilots in order to determine possible changes to FRB. We are listening to the community and considering their ideas and suggestions to help remedy this issue. Q: Are there any plans to support Linux? A: Yes, of course. (This question is already answered in the Q&A) Q: Fuel count doesn't go down in Arcade. Is there actual fuel in Arcade battles? A: There is fuel. However, the indicator doesn't go down because in arcade battles fuel isn't consumed unless there is a fuel leak. A decision was made to remove the fuel indicator in arcade battles because it's not important to arcade players. Q: Clan functionality: We have a lot of buddies with the RDDT tag and many more who could benefit from a separate clan channel. What's going on with the clans feature? (He also asked about clan registration and such to prevent copies with clan tags)? A: The clan feature is upcoming and I believe it will be implemented in the next upcoming major patch. Until then, you can register your clan on our forums on a first come first served basis. We have a "Squadron Ready Room" Section on the forums where you can do just that. Q: After the latest patch, one my P-63 KingCobras (Yellow one) lost all of its skins. It shows Silver in my hangar but yellow in-game. Has something changed? A: This was not intended. Submit a bug report with a screenshot attached on the newly created bug reporting section on the forums and it will be investigated. Q: When an enemy goes above or below you while flying a bomber, it's hard to see the crosshair and the guy you want to shoot at. Are you planning to fix this, or perhaps introduce the first person view for gunners before that? A: All gunners should be a separate entity, so for example you would be pressing Shift + 1/2/3/4 to switch between them and fire from a first person view. This question was asked before but never got followed on. Perhaps a suggestion in the forums can be made to continue this discussion. Q: When the game goes live will we lose any of the aircrafts we have? A: No... Not at all. There will be no wipe, but if a serious crash or anything that will force us to wipe out everything you spent in real money will be given back to you. Q: I've been getting a lot of connection issues lately even though I know my connection is okay on my end? A: Please submit a bug report on the new bugs section if you are repeatedly getting bad ping and even dropouts in the game. Just make sure to comply with that section's guidelines. Another thing you can do is to untick the "Seed After Download" button as you will be seeding the game for other people to download while you're playing. Q: Will there be a possibility to get some sort of an information on how ammunition and bomb types works in-game and what are they best used up against? A: Yes, I will be putting up a well detailed explanation. Q: Where are the main upcoming milestones for War Thunder are at currently, and when will arrive to the game, such as new units and fleets? A: We're working on it. Q: What are your thoughts about advanced customization options, such as changing the layout of your cockpit and so. A: There will be some tools that will allow to create clan logos and the like including skins, but that is probably as far as we're gonna go. Q: Now that we have ammo belts, will it be possible to customize your belts to include specific ammo that you want and not presets? A: This feature is not planned as it may impact the game play. Q: Are there any plans to change the AI to include higher tier planes, etc? A: We're continuously improving the AI and are looking into the possibility of adjusting them by tiers. Q: Will we be getting an ammo counter on our left HUD, just like the one you did with the fuel capacity? A: Yes, the team is looking into that. The team is testing which type of ammo counter will be the most informative for the whole game as we speak, including ammo counters for both the main guns and the gunners. This of course will only work for Arcade mode. For HB and FRB it will only work as long as the aircraft you're flying have an ammo counter, such as the Bf 109. Q: How is the match maker thought up across all 3 game modes? For example in Arcade it will consider players' rank, and in historical it will match up players by early/late war. A: We are still experiencing a number of problems with players playing HB and FRB due to capacity issues, but we're working hard to make it better. Q: Is it possible to allow all players to play singe player battles? A: It is possible, yes. Q: Are you planning to make more arcade modes than there currently are? (In regards to the fact that many just don't dogfight in arcade and instead ram, and its difficulty level and harsh learning curve, especially the easy to kill aircrafts)? A: The aim, even in arcade, is to make people understand that they're flying an aircraft with guns and not a spaceship with lasers. The learning curve is harsh but we're not intentionally making arcade hard. Perhaps we can make it even easier if needed. Q: Are there any plans to increase squad sizes beyond 4? A: At the moment no. But for World War, you're gonna need a BIG squad. Q: Is there any chance of using minor factions roundels and aircrafts under the bigger factions? A: We're planning to implement more skins, roundels and aircrafts for minor factions. Q: The way you earn killmarks seems to be wrong. Are you planning to fix it? A: Yes, the killmarks are backwards and we will change that so that you will need to kill aircrafts of that nation instead of flying its aircrafts. (Gain British roundels when you shoot them down with German aircrafts). NOTE: The killmarks have been fixed in patch 1.29. Still up for discussion. Q: The Sabre had an advantage of sort over the MiG 15 due to the fact it had an onboard radar. Is it possible to implement a radar for the Sabre? A: Surely we can do that. And not just radars, even Gravity suites to help sustain larger G-Forces. Working on these and other suggestions to vary the gameplay. Q: I have some hit detection problems, more specifically with my 37mm cannon on the Soviet Airacobra. I can clearly see the shells hit but I get no hit marks and no damage seems to happen? A: We're looking into this. Q: Some low tier aircrafts with landing gears that can not be retracted can not switch to combat flaps. Is this intended? A: Yes. Not all aircrafts originally had combat flaps. Q: Sometimes after hitting ground targets, though not destroying them and setting them on fire, they will explode and disappear with no kill granted to you. Is this intended or a bug? A: Most likely a bug. Please submit it as a bug report. Q: Are you planning to implement the options for players to have more information in third person view like Oil Pressure, Engine Temperature, RPM and stuff like that? A: Nope. Just jump into first person view and check the instruments. Q: Is it possible that in arcade, whenever one of your MGs or cannons deplete that it will begin reloading without you having to deplete all of your ammo? A: That's possible yes. Q: Are you planning to implement assist kills for ground targets? (When AAA steals your kill for example)? A: Yes, we're working on it though. Q: In FRB you can go into gunner view and look everywhere in your aircraft. Why weren't there any limited angles implemented? A: We're looking into that. If you can, please create a detailed suggestion on the forum to help us get a better view of the problem so that we can decide on a better approach to fix this. Q: Some attacker aircrafts with guns have no cockpit, which can make FRB battles with them unfair. Are they on your priority list? A: They're just about the same on the priority list as the bombers cockpit in general. Q: Are you going to add landing lights for aircrafts? A: Make that as a suggestion, but its something that should be in, yes.
  12. Those of you that play WT, be sure to play the new tech tree available 4-1-2013!
  13. This says all that is needed:
  14. that or now war thunder...its starting to pickup around here.
  15. Just for you Yoursister!