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  1. Boated. I'm in the Alpha testing group right now, and from what I can tell you, this game is going to be pure, unadulterated, awesome. However, I doubt that I will be tagging GEN for Battlefield though, due to the tag I carry with my BFFL in all Battlefield games.
  2. Mmmm... Good deal. Fresh meat. I've noticed that a lot of the older community based servers run mods now that ban F2P players though. It'll be interesting how this plays out in the future.
  3. I saw that TNT fall and was like, crap. I got trolled. lol
  4. I love Epic Meal Time. I was thinking about making a bacon chalice for a special event. Lol
  5. I heard there's a lot of broken mechanics and one-sided-ness? Care to shed some light for me? Idk if I want to buy it or not next time I have free cash.
  6. Hey, this looks and sounds exactly like when I was playing co-op xD
  7. I can make an albumdump onto somewhere. Give me a bit to infringe on Ajoel's pictures That should be the full album that I stealed.
  8. I giggled for a bit. I thought I'd share
  9. From what I've heard, November is the shot in the dark date they threw out in order for people to start pre-ordering. Dice has said they're going for 2011 holiday though, so we'll see. Game looks ridiculous though. Shattering glass tickles my fancies, and the glass shatter here looks unreal.
  10. I know this fix works for WoW, I used to use it. No clue about using it in BLOPS though. I'll check it out. Thanks~
  11. I can I'm happy, I'm not in any of these vids... yet
  12. Depending on where I am.
  13. That's the problem though. in my eyes, they're all the same map. It's literally a middle choke point, and two flank routes that have a cross section so you can look into the other one. And a base at either end. a shape resembling ( | ). It feels like I'm playing DOTA or something. All the maps with this style: Radiation, Nuketown, Discovery, Stadium. Havana, Berlin, Firing Range Grid, Launch, Villa. Map Overviews It may not feel like it, but you're literally playing the same map over and over.
  14. Zzz... I am sad. Total cost of game will now be $90. Feels like I'm playing WoW again with these "Monthly fees."