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  1. april fools wargame troll
  2. i want my T110 so bad, its not funny, they promised it to us in Feb then they promised it to us in March and then they are like going to be like forget that its not going to be to November
  3. it was cool but at the same time really small, I wish WoT would stop messing around with small stuff like that and just get 7.2 out already
  4. now its gone, only lasted a day...
  5. the ipad 2 is incredibly fast despite its lack of processor power and most of all my movies, especially on my Netflix account use the entire screen so I never have that problem.
  6. My Ipad 2 had two cameras and multiple microphones... It makes it very easy to check my email on the Ipad 2 and you can certainly watch movies on it, it has great battery life as well. I have multiple books on it and it works great so I think I would go with an Ipad 2, if you can afford it. The Ipad is still a good buy, there really is not all that much difference between the two. Mostly the cameras and microphones. Ipad is the most versitile of the tablets and it has the most apps and support so I would choose that but the choice is yours.
  7. dude, do not get the kv-5, if anything get the type-59, it is a blast, just as grapeape, the KV-5 is a everything magnet that is way under gunned, just pointing that out
  8. lol
  9. lol, its a old screen shot but I thought I would post it
  10. Kills: 10 Exp: 2601, not doubled Credits: 88,579 Awards: Top Gun, Whitman's Medal, Steel Wall, Sniper, Sharpshooter, Master gunner Result: TOTAL POPE PWNAGE!!
  11. I am going to be on tonight, if I am not on teamspeak and you would like to know if I am online playing my steam id is: guarnere21
  12. grape are you going to be on tonight?
  13. Great, you do not need Tales of Valor to play with other people. I have ToV but frankly I think it was a waste of money because it only gives you some more units and not much else. I welcome anyone who wants to play this with us but Grape and I generally play at night when we are both on. It is a fun game and nothing is more fun than getting a bunch of people on one team and murdering some stupid players or AI. BTW the game is $6.66 on steam right now if anyone wants it. Ask Grape, its worth it.
  14. For the last few nights Grapeape and I have been playing Company of Heros and we were looking for anyone who has the game and would like to join us in playing it. It is really fun and we would like to get a few people together to play. TheFreakingPope
  15. MW3

    Because BF3 is going to be awesome but MW3 is just another cod that is spammed out every year... I wouldnt waste my money on it either way