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  1. To true to true Sir.
  2. What do you think of the pic of the new maps?
  3. lmao love it. I hate Cake lol
  4. I am still waiting for a Concise and intelligent Response to the question of Why do American Civilians need automatic military style weapons in their homes? It is statements like these, that feed into the frenzy. "Americans have automatic military style weapons." "They have semi-automatic rifles that look like a military style weapons." I'm sick and tired of people saying that shit. You call it an automatic military style weapon for a scare tactic. In the US you have to have a class three FFL license to own an automatic military style weapon, and it cost alot. I can go out and buy a hunting rifle in a .223 and it won't be on the ban list but if I order a new stock for it, then it will be on the banned list. I hope you see how stupid that sounds. In the US 98% of all gun deaths are from hand guns, and out of all of those only about .0001% has an after market clip. I'm glad all of you that are from outside of the US are ok with not having guns. I however live in the USA and I have the right to have them. I'm not going to let my government take them like yours did. PS Putting accessories on a gun, does it make an assult rifle? Does a suit a suit make a man? To get an intelligent answer requires an intelligent question
  5. On January 18th, details of the Sandy Hook shooting Federal investigation were leaked, corroborating an earlier report NBC News released that four handguns were found inside the school at Sandy Hook. That earlier report went on to quote Federal investigators who said the only rifle found was in the shooter’s car. In other words, this entire tragedy had nothing to do with assault-style, military-style, or any other style rifle. They go on to state that on December 11th, the shooter attempted to buy some sort of rifle from a gun shop, but due to Connecticut’s existent gun laws, he was unable to make that purchase. Now that we know that it wasn’t some sort of mislabeled, misnamed and misunderstood weapon, but handguns that were used in this shooting, perhaps it is time to have a real, productive conversation about gun control and the true cause of this tragedy. Gun related violence statistics tell us more about the agenda of who collected the data than what the numbers really mean. It would be much more meaningful to know how many of these shootings were by law-abiding gun owners protecting themselves, their families or their property vs. how many were illegally possessed guns used by criminals. As it is, the closest we can come to real, hard numbers is the CDC report stating there were 31,672 injuries by firearm in 2010. The type of firearm is not broken down, but unofficial estimates place the number by handgun at over 98%. If there is to be a discussion about gun violence, these are the numbers that actually matter. Still, this point is actually moot, because the real, incontrovertible facts are that death or injury by handgun happens every day, too many times a day. Particularly here in Chicago, home of some of the most strict gun control laws in the Nation. Another incontrovertible fact is that the criminals who have turned the streets of many neighborhoods into battlefields will not be affected by the passage of more gun laws, particularly those designed to control or limit the possession of what are often erroneously termed assault-style weapons. So, why are we discussing the possible 2% and ignoring the 98%? Now the facts are out. The Sandy Hook tragedy had nothing to do with ‘assault style weapons’. Bans on a specific type of weapon would have had no effect on the outcome of this incident. Sadly, knowledge of these facts, awareness that a certain or specific type of weapon had nothing to do with this tragedy is not slowing down the anti-gun hysteria and hyperbole. Worse, while all the attention is focused on this red herring, the real cause of this and so many other tragedies continues to go unaddressed. The simple truth is the slaughter of innocents in Sandy Hook had nothing to do with assault weapons and everything to do with mentally unbalanced people. I say ‘people’ and not ‘a person’ because there are serious questions about the mother of the shooter. Not because she owned so many guns but because she kept them in a home with a son whom she knew to be troubled. Perhaps her failing was one of judgment, one that ultimately cost her, her son and twenty six others their lives. We may never know if this mother was mentally ill or simply possessed poor judgement because we are not having this conversation. We are not looking at this as the crisis in mental health issues this tragedy and too many others like it would spotlight.
  6. I voted for you last week bro.
  7. Those that press for increased gun control believe that if you make it harder to legally purchase a gun, the crime rate will go down. While it sounds like it would make perfect sense, the fact is that most gun-related deaths and injuries in the United States are not committed with legally purchased guns. The majority of them have been the result of criminals and younger people who were not able to legally purchase a gun. They were purchased on the black market. Like those who believed that prohibition would curtail the use of alcohol, those that constantly push for stricter gun laws are often aghast to find that the opposite continues to be true. Two significant factors for increased gun violence have been and continue to be economic hardship and stricter gun laws. Poverty has been one of the things that has continually been twisted as an excuse to say that states with more lax gun laws tend to have more crime. States like Louisiana, which regularly ranks as one of the worst states for violent crimes, is also quite impoverished in some parts, a fact that most people tend to leave out when pointing to its lax gun laws. Other factors that contribute regularly to gun related violence include low education rates and a high number of illegal immigrants. These reasons more than explain why states like Texas and Arizona have suffered from a relatively high number of gun-related deaths. Texas has the lowest high school graduation rate in the country, while Arizona has had one of the largest problems with illegal immigrants committing crimes for years. When one takes the time to compare the numbers, it becomes obvious that many of the states with the strictest gun control laws are also home to some of the largest numbers of gun related crime. Maryland, California, Illinois, New York and the District of Columbia all have some of the toughest gun laws on the books. Illinois in particular has made it extremely difficult to buy a handgun. Despite this, there have been over 250 murders in Chicago since January 1, a staggering 37% increase when compared to this time last year. Strict gun laws have done little to deter violent crime. Gun control laws also have been shown to disproportionally affect African Americans and other minorities negatively. Most of the gun-related crime that plagues American streets has had a substantially harsher impact on non-whites. People choose to blame the guns for the actions of the violent criminals that use them. They'll say that the guns makes it easier, trying to come off witty and clever. At the end of the day however, blaming a gun for one’s death is like blaming a fork for another’s obesity. One way or another, the food was probably going to find its way into their mouth. Criminals that don’t have guns will use knives, bombs, sticks and bare hands. Criminals don’t care about gun-free zones or waiting periods. Making it more difficult for people to legally purchase guns only leaves them more vulnerable. The law-abiding citizen will refrain from purchasing a gun, while the criminal will simply get one off the streets. When gun ownership goes up, crime rates drop severely. There are several examples, which highlight this beautifully. Switzerland’s gun laws are some of the most lax in the developed world, and because of it their violent crime rate is astoundingly low. Recent initiatives to try and reign in the countries relaxed gun laws were soundly defeated at the ballot by Swiss voters. The town of Kennesaw, Georgia, also has a mandatory gun ownership law on the books. Passed in 1982, it requires that the head of a household own a gun and ammunition, with exceptions of course being violent criminals, those that cannot afford it, and conscientious objectors. After the law was passed, the population swelled and the crime rate dropped substantially. Not everyone wants to own a gun. Some people don’t feel comfortable around guns in general. Others are worried about accidents. Still, the data speaks for itself. In areas where gun ownership is high, violent gun-related crime tends to go down. No one in their right mind will want to break into a house or start a fight in a bar if they know everyone is packing. Even if anti-gun fanatics like NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg got their way and made it next to impossible to purchase a firearm, it wouldn’t stop the John Holmes’ of the world. If he didn’t have a gun at his disposal, he might have assembled another home made bomb like those found in his apartment, and taken that into the theater instead. Stricter gun control laws are not the answer, a stance that was (thankfully) reiterated by GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Monday. The Second Amendment was not meant to guarantee easy access to hunting or target shooting. It was written to ensure that a population could defend itself from an overreaching government, an overbearing police force or a criminal. People have the right to defend themselves. At the end of the day, states like Illinois and California have only served to make it more difficult for their law-abiding citizens to protect themselves from criminals. The gun didn’t make James Holmes kill those people. His own sick mind did that. If gun control laws are doubled down on, more people will have their hands tied when it comes to protecting themselves and their loved ones from psychopaths like that. Thankfully, that is something that the families of the victims in Aurora understand, despite the tragic events that they've had to go through.
  8. At this point we need law and gov. to inforce the laws we have on the books and fix the loop hole in gun shows they to need to run back ground cks. We need people to step up and call the cops when some one says they're going to do some thing bad. Parents that have unstable kids should not have guns in the house. This will not fix all of this but it can help.
  9. Bad people will do bad things. You cant fix bad just like you cant fix stuped. So get over it.
  10. We need admin tools any help? And we need to know how to ues them to?
  11. I think we need more than 7days we should give it two weeks to a month.
  12. I have a bata key but pings to hight to play. I hope soon thay will have a us server.
  13. Nice