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  1. hodgy1971#1676 Looking forward to this..
  2. @Cappy look forward to that! @Timber cheers mate.. I did like the game play there on the weekend.. The time to kill is much better..
  3. Nice mate.. Are we going to play again this weekend?
  4. RPG Lead, I agree i never got into this style of game before as the learning curve was so long. But Now that I understand this game I really like it, you almost put as much work into building your char as you do shooting people in the face.. MORE POWER!
  5. I think this may be my next game, think it will be a lot of fun in 4 man COOP. Let me know if your interested? Link to Ubisoft Stealth game play video.. Trailer
  6. @lead the fun of this game is working with your mates to achieve an objective, Its all about COOP play. But you can play it alone but I think most of the fun is playing with mates.
  7. Nice one mate.. Haven't really worked on PvE build yet.. But I think i have a beast PvP build..
  8. Wow for the ultimate version in Australia is 170 bucks..
  9. @Cappy I also think it would be much more than 100 bucks in Aus..
  10. I will try. But i think i will be kicked from US server for ping.
  11. Got mine to..
  12. A. Games you currently have loaded. Arma 3 and all DLC, Assetto Corsa, Project cars, Automobilista, RFactor, Battlefield 3, Cod 4, WaW, Black Ops, Black Ops 3, Insurgency, The Division, Red Orchestra 2 Heros of Stalingrad, Red Orchestra 2 Rising Storm. B. Games you own but are not currently ready to play. Way to many to mention. I will update this at some point. C. Games you would like to play for fun nights. Arma 3, Assetto Corsa and The Division. Future intentions. For this year I think The Division and Arma 3 Apex are my games..
  13. Nice video lead...
  14. Nice one lead, thanks for the review mate!
  15. looking good..
  16. Okay guys now that I have a few weeks playing The Division I must say this game is a lot of fun and I recommenced it. I hope to see more of you get it so we can squad up in the future..
  17. Skill Up The Division | 1.2 Patch News | Secret Named Weapons, New Gear Sets & More!
  18. LOL, No spells in this game mate.
  19. Highlights from the State of the game!
  20. I think this set is best to buff a team than play solo. I finally got a full set after last night but it's a set I think you guys have had for a while, Sentry's Call. I think I need a hostler for striker and I can run 4 and 2.
  21. Link to Assetto Corsa on steam
  22. The Division | Tactician's Authority 1 Million DPS Build (202 Gear Score)
  23. Interesting video, very nicely done!
  24. Time will tell, but I think the remaster will do better than the new one..
  25. Hopefully with all the dislikes on YouTube and stuff they release the cod remaster as a standalone.