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  1. Lead I have been really keen to get into that game, I would love to. However I have told myself I won't buy early-access games any more, after DayZ, The Forest, Godus, H1Z1, Rust and so many other half finished games, I've gotten sick of paying people for work they haven't done. As soon as PUBG enters full release, I'm there though
  2. Hey guys; I don't suppose we still have a real computer whiz floating around that is able to help me solve me BSOD issues? I've upgraded CPU, RAM and MOBO, as well as "upgrading" to windows 10, now I have BSOD's whilst playing full screen games, randomly and also watching fullscreen youtube vids. As I have said that, I've just BSODed writing this message with yet another error code. I've updated bios, reinstalled GFX drivers and audio drivers and now I've run out of ideas :/ Here are the error codes I get, it seems to be random. KERNAL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION (This is the first time I got this one, happened as I was writing this) Link to dump files and system info: If anyone sees anything that I haven't I will be immensely grateful, because I can't enjoy gaming when this keeps happening
  3. Hey Lead thanks for the info, I managed to find the problem today I think, I had a look through the .DMP files and there's a LOT of memory issues. I checked the motherboard and saw that when the RAM chips went in, they weren't paired into the correct slots, which now that it has been rectified seems to have stabilised the system! Thanks for helping me look into that, the problem is that its so difficult to diagnose these problems when there is so much going on. It seemed for every error message there was a different problem and I was starting to think I had broken everything! So keen to get back into being able to enjoy video games. Thanks again Lead
  4. COD just lacks the pizzazz it used to have ;_;
  5. That sucks in an unbelievable horrible way... Backing it up now. Online says that Teslacrypt targets those with COD or Minecraft or WOT installed. Cappy what antivirus were you using?
  6. I have started downloading this game. It does look interesting and could work to improve clan participation (I know I'm included in this). I have noticed that during what would be considered global peak time, there is less than 2000 people playing the game. If we are considering this game for a recruiting source, this player base may not be large enough. Here is a list of the top 100 most played games on steam, maybe somewhere on this list is a game that we can all get behind as well? I'm not saying we shouldn't play this game if it's fun, but maybe it shouldn't be the focal point for future recruitment. Perhaps Heroes and Generals might be a possibility?
  7. The reviews for this game are funny "I went 23 and 7 today and they drafted me... I'm 9 and a half." "Most realistic game ever. Killed a man and watched him float away slowly. 10/10 Would float again."
  8. Will try and attend, however it is Fiance dependent
  9. Well done Witek, that is a truly awesome achievement! Congratulations!
  10. This game is getting a huge amount of coverage. The reason for limiting player numbers is could you imagine 40 players with giant mechs? By limiting player numbers you allow for everyone to use mechs without turning the game into HAWKEN. It increases the WOW factor. Also, at least the bots they dont make people. the bots are dumb and they actually are designed in the game to be robots and are hackable. If this game has dedicated servers it will be incredible. Here is some later gameplay footage.
  11. Its a great game, I'll be up to play with any GENs that want to
  12. So so true
  13. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time of loss Rottie.
  14. Hello all. As you may have noticed, there is a distinct lack of games being played to finish this tourney. There are reasons for this. 1. I am extremely busy right now and Haven't had the time to organise matches 2. A lot of the remaining teams are in strange time zones and I am still trying to work out how to make the matches work out evenly IRL is the main reason why there have been no matches but I do intend to make sure that every team has a match at least if not finish. Any questions or concerns feel free to contact me NZspecial
  15. Hello All! This is a Playlist I made by request from Citizen_Snipz, involving just over an hour of music free for anyone who wishes to listen! Lots of songs designed to keep you in the Ace frame of mind you need to be in! Go to this link and If you want permament easy listening access, download spotify and follow me! In fact, I think you need Spotify either way, or you can only listen to 30 of the songs, one of the two :/ Please put a message in here if you listen to try and keep this thread popular! Any requests are easily added, so please put them in this thread and I will update the playlist once I have like 5 or 10 new songs to add! Link to my WAR THUNDER PLAYLIST! Have fun and FLY HARD! :thumbsup:/>/>
  16. Updated and fixed :3
  17. e-75
  18. Hey guys, new game I've found called war thunder. Currently its a somewhat realistic tier based Flying WWII sim in beta, however it has plans to progress into naval and tank warfare as well! It would be really cool if some people got into it, I think with more popularity this game has real potential!
  19. Updated again
  20. Due to the drop-out of another team there is a space to be filled. Welcome to the Tournament
  21. Edited with latest information
  22. Dota is a Sport vs Invidious Gaming This was a tough fought match, but a few crucial moments and a sore bottom lane caused Invidious Gaming to pull through to win 2-0 with the third match not played. Dark Nova Gaming vs Berezino Saints This was a very intense match with fantastic plays made by both teams. The first match went resoundingly to the Saints, however the second match was fought very hard with DNG winning for most of it before throwing the match with some bad teamfights. This ended in a double rampage from the Gyrocopter player for the Saints. The Berezino Saints won this 2-0 with no third match played.
  23. SG vs FeeD5: This was a toughly fought match with both teams putting in huge amounts of effort. Unfortunately for SG they were outdrafted and a few fatal errors led to their downfall in the first match of the tournament. The Feeding 5 enter the 1/8 finals DIAS vs DR This match was ultimately swung in the favour of DIAS. DR drafted a team focused on global control, with Spectre, Zeus and Nature's Prophet. Some unfortunate accidents during the early game shutting down Spectre and lethal Team coordination errors ended up costing Dem' Rolls the game, ending in a forfeit after one match Dota is a Sport enter the 1/8 finals
  24. HELLO EVERYONE! Thankyou for your patience! we have not reached our goal for numbers but regardless we shall power on! ALL TIMES WILL BE IN GMT (+12), ie. This Friday will be USA's Thursday. REGISTRATION ENDING DATE: FRIDAY 19th OF APRIL (This Friday) FIRST MATCHES WILL BE: MONDAY 22nd of APRIL (next Monday) WE WILL BE INFORMING PEOPLE OF THEIR MATCHES 3 DAYS MINIMUM BEFORE THEY COMPETE! I am currently bogged down with IRL work, but I am hoping to finish the competing list for the pools by the end of the week ALL COMPETITORS, PLEASE INSTALL TEAMSPEAK! we have these services here, we need to use them. It is not required for you to use the teamspeak for your communication, however it is required to help us organise the teams before matches. Tam captains please message me on this forums to get the password as rules require it to not be released publicly. Please finalise your teams for Friday, as I do not want to deal with last minute changes to team lineups excluding stand-ins. Other than that, practice hard, prepare yourselves and game hard! Thanks for your time and understanding NZspecial