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    Warhammer 40k just paint the models when i find the time looking to enter a golden demon eventually maybe next year lol, PC gaming - black ops, WaW, BF3 ArmA 3, spending time with the kids!

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  1. Update: Dedicated servers or not, i will not be getting this game, i will no longer be investing my money, time or thoughts in any way to the Call of duty Franchise. they are dead to me.
  2. Update: Played it, Loved It , highly recommend it. Shuqi and i played 8 hours on Sunday just gone, time flew. Would love to get 2 more Gens involved to get a squad of 4 going!!
  3. My son is also playing this game as well Lead, i will be having a look at it next month when i have some spare funds to grab it.
  4. Typical cod game with no dedicated servers no doubt it will be a no for me. With dedicated servers (admined by us) i may reconsider but i am not holding my breathe.
  5. As above Lead
  6. maybe Cappy is the baby? i have always thought so
  7. happy new year six have a great one
  8. Have played a bit with shuqi previously, dont mind a run but i have uninstalled it as the division has taken alot of my very little gaming time i have. I will reinstall and jump in if i see someone else on playing !! Jinx.....
  9. he 's alive...... he's allive
  10. Loaded - Blops 3, Arma 3, Division, BF4, WaW, Assetto Corsa, War Thunder, Planetside 2, Insurgency, COD 4 Not loaded - Blops 1 (finished the game no intention of revisiting), CS, CS Source, Battlefield 3, BF 1942, All Command and Conquer, half Life (all), Warhammer 400k (all) + Space Marine, Aliens - Colonial Marines, CIV 5 Fun Nights - WaW, Blops 3, Assetto Corsa, Warthunder, Planetside 2, Insurgency, COD 4, Division
  11. Nice work Lead cheers for the effort. Footage you posted up looked a little less refined than bf4 was but i realise this is the alpha testing. All in all it looks like i will be giving this one a red hot go (server and hardcore details pending of course) i will see if i can get into the beta to have a good look at it as well.
  12. i am now running 4 and 2 with sentry and tacticians. having picked up 2 pieces yesterday. i havent modded the gear correctly yet will stack stamina to increase health as mine was disgustingly low yesterday. i tweaked a little last night at 2am (damn incursion) and doubled my health. will look at getting further stamina mods stacked and see what it looks like then. The assault rifle build is coming along as well only a 163 gold gun but still doing some good damage to elites before additional set pieces were acquired. so will test it out next time i am on
  13. The entire loot system needs a revamp. as discussed briefly tonight, challenging missions (highest level in the game) should not be dropping green and blue items. purple and 163 - 182 gold items should be the go. Helping civilians should yield usable items not stupid appearance items. Dark zone drops need to be improved on a per bracket basis, with more opportunity to advance to the next bracket with more suitable drops. And where does all the experience go that we earn?? New levels or conversion to credits or dark zone credits would be be better (or maybe a gold drop at certain xp gains i.e every 50k etc. And that brings me to the dark zone currency or lack of it that is, items should be able to be sold within the dark zone for credits without having to extract. which would then provide justification for those useless green and blue drops we so often get. Thus ended the rant. Jinx Out.....
  14. possibly hodgy, i doubt it though, and i still wont be buying it even if they did.
  15. move then