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  1. Gday Gens, I have decided to issue a challenge to my fellow drivers, complete in your own time in 7 days. one entry per player. Was racing tonight and decided to practice some different cars and race some open wheelers as they are my fave, as i was choosing the track i found this little gem and decided to give it a crack. As i was racing i decided to do another lap and see if i could improve my time. This gave me an Idea, lets make this a cold challenge put everyone on a somewhat even playing field and see who in 2 laps in a new car can post the fastest lap. The person with the best time Sets the next challenge. your challenge can be any car any track any conditions the choice is yours. Make it your favorite car on your best track or something completely new and different - Lets make this interesting. So have a look at the Challenge post and post up your best times... Don't forget the screenshots Jinx Out.
  2. You have to the end of the current lap not a full lap to clear penalty.... i,e so if you receive a penalty on the final corner, you have to clear that penalty before crossing the start finish line or you will be black flagged. ( i know cause i have done it lol just to see what would happen) Was chatting with shuqi about this yesterday. I think this issue would fall under a server rules principle just as we have for waw and blops etc. Hodgy had a info screen with a few of our core rules on the server pre update (no swearing, racism etc) it could be put on there. Only issue would be enforcing unless we use an honour system.
  3. it is cheating hence the penalty received. but as i was all over you on imola i am not that worried lol........... I did notice you trying it when i was behind you and i managed to pass you racing the line, so although you get an advantage at the corner, trying to clear the penalty cost you just as much time if not more and i was able to pass you again.
  4. Awesome sauce, what was the verdict on the track rotation that Hodgy was trying to implement? can it happen? Love open wheel but having the option to switch to gt is a great idea. P.S - adding the above server info to the home page might be an idea.
  5. Just doing some practice today for the sunday event. posted a 1:17 + change yesterday with Shuqi, then today i posted this time...... worried shuqi????
  6. From memory you can load the xbox360 setup which is what i use. With only one change being the B button changed from handbrake to Teamspeak. That was the only calibration i did i think. If you see me on ts cappy jump in and we will have play around with the settings. After that i think its just about putting in some time and get on the track. My suggestion would be to hop on with hodgy timber or shuqi as they were fast today to give you some pointers. I can certainly show you what not to do if you like lol.
  7. i am calling bullshit on that... maybe cappy needs to practice a bit more then.
  8. i was pretty consistent over 9 laps today 1:13. 1:14 and 1:15's we will see how we go lol
  9. i stand by my technique
  10. Absolutely except if we play bump to pass which would be great fun with a few gens on and in TS
  11. Powers that be, Any chance of putting a track rotation on instead of the current 1 track then kick everyone out to change it? a good mix of speed tracks and maybe smaller sprint style, different car options (open wheeled, classic, or V8/ toca touring style) Jinx Out...
  12. dont need to practice i will just take you out shuqi lol
  13. Gens, couple of ideas for race days:- 1. Themed Races - i.e Historical tracks with historical cars, F1 racing (open wheeled) 2. Same car racing - pick a track everyone drives the same car Post up some more below Jinx Out....
  14. i suppose crash to pass is an option as well, might make a great clan even with a few of us in!
  15. some great racing yesterday arvo with Timber and Shuqi, i was actually competitive for a change instead of lagging 3 laps behind. Nur'ring sprint was a great track and happened to be the novice 2 series track as well so managed to get 2 gold medals for the 2nd career series. @shuqi no rubber banding in series 2 races mate, i was pulling away and was a good 10 seconds in front by the end of 4 laps.
  16. my raging will be drowned out by the inevitable cries of Bullsh*t from a certain council member!!!
  17. I have started this game with no pc racing sim experience with an xbox controller, and in just 20 laps increased my lap time by 30 seconds or so from when i first started, (most of which is just learning the tracks rather than the controller). Hardware choice will depend heavily on 2 things, 1. how serious you take the game in general. and 2. Your use of the game outside of Gen racing events (fun nights etc). If either of these answers is "not much" then a controller is all you need and have some fun. (i was getting shunted off the track on sat night and not even competing with Hodgy, timber, shuqi and gloves but the 2.5 hours i was playing for absolutely raced by (pun intended) and i had a blast. Kudos to Hodgy for controlling his rage when i took him out of the race.... Was not feeling spa though just couldn't hit the corners, had no problem hitting the walls though i was great at that. Jinx Out....
  18. Not yet shuqi that i have encountered but i have only played novice series 1
  19. My first Race win
  20. I am liking this game, bit of a learning curve as i am un familiar with xbox controller feel, they have come along way since the first playstation controllers when i used to play f1 racing religiously (full lap races damage on complulsory pitting etc)
  21. As a huge fan of motor sport Timber 5-10 secs is a life time lol
  22. do we have confirmation on the server? if so can we get the ip posted on the home page please not coming up for me and cant seem to be able to search without ip
  23. wear glasses as i cant see where the hell i get shot from lol.
  24. downloaded it, played it, loved it, get it!
  25. who gets their news from activision? It is like getting your dinner from NBC.