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  1. Sounds Great Six mate, will leave it up to BK to come up with rules and maps as we have no servers anymore. I do have 2 requests 1. In a best of 3 rounds no more than 1 round of TDM cheers, objective based game types are preferred. 2. In keeping in line with tactical play no grenades, explosives or things that go boom! Use of smoke grenades flash bangs and concussion grenades are allowed to get a tactical feel cheers. Information we require is as follows: Time Proposed Date Maps Game types and a clear rules list 2 weeks before scrim day.
  2. @Hodgy Can we get a pinned post outlining exactly what needs to be done in order to gain access and play on the Gens Wasteland server!! Can an additional collection be made in playwithsix in order to launch with all required mods turned off/ on in order to gain access to the server or alternatively can we keep the mod list exactly the same across both servers in order to achieve cohesiveness and consistency, and reduce load times! Cheers in advance! Jinx ##UPDATE## The following expansions are all that is required to play the wasteland server:- (disable all others) Arma 3 Arma 3 Zeus Arma 3 Karts Arma 3 DLC
  3. Unfortunately Dark Side I did play this game, the game play was very rough, not smooth like other fps games with aiming and weapon fire. I wont be reinstalling until this has a massive patch that it needs. I love the concept of the mmo style fps I think the gameplay could be improved dramatically. Sniper kills should be one hit one kill (that's what a sniper rifle is for after all, otherwise its a very slow assault rifle), it seems the only way to play the game competitively at this time is to spend large sums of money on weapons. Leveling up is quite slow, therefore the grind in order to unlock the good weapons and equipment (if wanting to keep the game free) is way too slow for my tastes. ... I have seen a far to big a gap between high level players and low level, and it goes far beyond skill. You are out matched in firepower at every turn on some sessions. Keep us posted if they make any changes though if the above issues are fixed or improved I may look at it again! Jinx....
  4. welcome welcome
  5. If you read the 2nd question of the poll you would see that sunday evening would be dedicated Arma III every week. With the variety of time zones in play with our Arma III contingent weekends is the only time to host this to allow maximum attendance. Maybe I wasn't clear on the mods front in the last paragraph there hodgy. I have no problems with the mod type, or quantity or size as I 99% of the time adhere to your shouts and get those mods downloaded, and installed quickly using play with six. (@A3MP already downloaded and installed waiting enabling next time I open the game) It is a painless exercise for me, and yourself as you said, but not necessarily everyone else, especially if one has been absent or missed forum posts as has happened before. The mods do add atmosphere to the game and some awesome features for sure. I would not imagine playing Arma without them. My point on the consistency issue is that until we extablish an Arma III schedule with a consistent schedule of events I believe we should put a limit on mod additions for the server. We currently have 21 (I think, that's how many I have anyway) currently in use, from Camo mods, weapons, acre, alive etc. I would say leave the mods as they are and maybe add some more on a monthly basis. or until we have a regular schedule set up. As far as the Arma schedule goes I will leave that to yourself Hodgy, or Timber or another Arma powerhouse to get sorted. when it is underway I will start advertising in the Arma forums and reddit pages as before.
  6. I think you are missing the point of fun nights Hodgy..... Fun nights are a way for the clan to come together as 1 and play a game of whoever organises it's choosing (mainly me) in a fun relaxed environment not a regimented, you must be here, do this do that kind of way. Does it always work? No of course not, turnouts are far from consistant. That is what the new system above was trying to generate. Consistancy. what matters is bringing the clan together to remember the social aspect of gaming which is probably the reason most people joined this clan for. Do we need fun nights in any game with your understanding?? I play BF4 most days why organise one, some members play Arma everyday why organise one of those??? No one is stopping anyone else from organising missions as you suggest in Arma III and training, problem with this clans FPS contingent is the dedication to a game in order to make the training sessions work is not there. The only way to get (Some not all)people to turn up (regularly) would be to force the issue, which ends up rubbing the people the wrong way, causing friction. To make it work we need to settle on the mods used for Arma III in our server in order to get consistency, and keep them the same for a long period of time. In the last 4 fun nights we have had to update, change or add mods every week. Its frustrating, time consuming and if due to work family etc you missed the forum posts you end up cant joining in due to size and time of downloads.
  7. Take a look at the Fun night poll Hodgy and Timber the 1 Arma fun night listed in the new system proposal could be used for training.
  8. awesome
  9. To our Mission creators, Continuing on from my shout post of yesterday, and Using Insurgency map as the base, Is it possible to put different types of objectives to be completed in the 1 mission? This is my thinking, our current Arma map we are playing which is Hodgy's Insurgency mission is a massive mission over the island with 8 objectives (I think) with many enemy forces enroute. What my thinking is and hopefully you guys can do it, is to put different types of objectives in the one mission, so when we jump on for an Arma fun night(s) we can complete them in different order, so to mix it up a bit. Here are my suggestions: 1. An area that requires us to capture 2 or 3 objectives (domination/rush style) with each objective getting more difficult as we capture. (this was the case in the siege map we played with the 5 objectives with the massive tank battles at the end). I really enjoyed this map 2. An assassination objective killing a heavily enforced town or city, requiring some stealth in order to complete. (killing patrols quickly as not to alert to many others nearby at once) 3. A sabotage style objective possibly in the water where we have to use the diving aspect of the game. 4. A flat out assault using Vehicles/Helicopters to clear a town of insurgents before reinforcements arrive. 5. an objective that requires an artillery call in 6. A beach landing objective (could be the first one in order to gain access to the island and establish a foothold on the island) for reinforcements/ vehicles etc 7+ And any others that people may have a suggestion for ie hostage rescue, demolition, etc. We have encountered these missions separately over the months. I just think having them all in one massive mission would be epic. And would also allow a small team who happen to be on to jump in and tackle a couple of different objectives, while on a fun night we could try the whole thing. Obviously this would be a massive undertaking (if possible at all), my thinking this will allow some really dynamic fun nights I look forward to hearing your guy's thoughts on the matter. Cheers Jinx Out.
  10. and downloading A3MP now
  11. I realise it doesn't happen over night hodgy, my thinking with the insurgency map with the multiple objectives was to concentrate the AI in those objective areas rather than across the whole map, as we use a helicoptor to travel to OBJ, most of the AI are there for show and dont get engage or engage us. Take your time with the big map and in the mean time we can add/ play some other maps.
  12. I agree consistency is the key here, when Blops came out everyone was playing blops, you jumped on TS and the blops channel had 20 people in it, server full. At the moment I see 2 clan based games that we are playing. Arma 3 and Warthunder. While yes we also play the BF series, with net code issues, rubber banding I don't believe we would find a common server where everyone's gameplay will be conducive to an enjoyable experience and with an acceptable ping. (I have found playing on US servers I have little issue but get kicked for ping a lot, playing on Aus servers I get some lag/ rubber banding issues, Asia have majority Normal game play which wont suit the hardcore players, I played normal yesterday and enjoyed it) Both of these games allow the whole clan to play together with very little cost involved (warthunder is free) I think fun nights involving these 2 games should be played quite regularly. My proposal would be Saturday Night/ Saturday morning normal Fun night time 2 out of 4 would be Warthunder, 1. would be Arma and 1. would be different game (BF4, COD4, BLOPS etc) Then on a different day maybe Sunday Night/ Sunday Morning Would be Arma 3 missions every week. starting at 6pm AEST, 8pm NZ etc. Thoughts?
  13. sure we have an insurgency fun night scheduled for the 26th july we could do it then
  14. CG Fun Night 25/6/17 AEST Game: Various (Division, WaW) WHEN: Sunday 25/6/17 9:30am AEST (Brisbane) WHERE: Various Server name: N/A Join in TS earlier for some other gaming pleasures !!!
  15. Jinx's Warthunder Link for members thinking about getting it join of this link
  16. I have it and play semi regular (2-3 times a week) I am working on the Russians (the default country you start with) It is great fun, very small learning curve and good fun, the landing's are always funny (I managed to capture a runway in domination yesterday then proceeded to drive off (not fly) the end of the runway and drown lol) Great game, dogfights are always cool, always satisfying killing the guy that attacked you first. We could certainly get a fun night happening (when I get back in the swing of things) with this one to bridge the gap between tankers and fps members!! My advice to those without it jump in its good fun Those that haven't got it yet and intend to, make sure you hit me up so I can send you a link to sign up, that way I get a gold bonus cheers!!!
  17. in
  18. Bumping Timber Cappy Hodgy if not insurgency Lead Jinx
  19. I am going to try to make it this time sat night with the missus is tough, I have to butter her up starting 2-3 days before hand so crossing fingers I don't stuff anything up. if so I am up for anything! *wink ...... #creepierthanabottswink Waw would be fun or blops
  20. Priorities shuqi its all about priorities
  21. hilarious cappy
  22. ok maybe a battlefield, need for speed, counterstrike hybrid. Lets get some Mech's in the game as well so we can add titanfall and MechWarrior to the mix!! Looks ok will wait for more information
  23. Looks a bit Counterstrikesk, terrorists v counter terrorists!!
  24. Tentative yes for me I will have to get on sometime before hand to sort out all the mods I have missed. Arma is updated but mods are not.