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  1. Yep. Not straight forward to find.

    Get out of the game. When you start the game by clicking the icon on your desktop (or whereever) . A menu is there. Go to "main page" and then at the top is option to "change username".

    Mine did not refresh by itself but if you close and go back your new username is in red. When you go into game now you have your user name

    As above Lead

  2. Loaded - Blops 3, Arma 3, Division, BF4, WaW, Assetto Corsa, War Thunder, Planetside 2, Insurgency, COD 4


    Not loaded - Blops 1 (finished the game no intention of revisiting), CS, CS Source, Battlefield 3, BF 1942, All Command and Conquer, half Life (all), Warhammer 400k (all) + Space Marine, Aliens - Colonial Marines, CIV 5


    Fun Nights - WaW, Blops 3, Assetto Corsa, Warthunder, Planetside 2, Insurgency, COD 4, Division

  3. Nice work Lead cheers for the effort.


    Footage you posted up looked a little less refined than bf4 was but i realise this is the alpha testing. All in all it looks like i will be giving this one a red hot go (server and hardcore details pending of course) i will see if i can get into the beta to have a good look at it as well.

  4. i am now running 4 and 2 with sentry and tacticians. having picked up 2 pieces yesterday. i havent modded the gear correctly yet will stack stamina to increase health as mine was disgustingly low yesterday. i tweaked a little last night at 2am (damn incursion) and doubled my health. will look at getting further stamina mods stacked and see what it looks like then. The assault rifle build is coming along as well only a 163 gold gun but still doing some good damage to elites before additional set pieces were acquired. so will test it out next time i am on

  5. Well, guess my current 190k DPS build needs some more work then. :(

    Hopefully the upcoming 1.2 loot changes will make it easier to collect set items, so that we'll be able to create one of those Tactician builds as well.


    The entire loot system needs a revamp. as discussed briefly tonight, challenging missions (highest level in the game) should not be dropping green and blue items. purple and 163 - 182 gold items should be the go. Helping civilians should yield usable items not stupid appearance items. Dark zone drops need to be improved on a per bracket basis, with more opportunity to advance to the next bracket with more suitable drops.


    And where does all the experience go that we earn?? New levels or conversion to credits or dark zone credits would be be better (or maybe a gold drop at certain xp gains i.e every 50k etc. And that brings me to the dark zone currency or lack of it that is, items should be able to be sold within the dark zone for credits without having to extract. which would then provide justification for those useless green and blue drops we so often get.


    Thus ended the rant.


    Jinx Out.....

  6. It will take more than a badass video..



    I cant see me getting into this mate. EA and china don't work well together and we have tried so many times to use BF as a game for the GEN's.


    One of the big problems with the BF crowd is ping, as the GEN's are a worldwide clan and the pubbers are always complaining about our ping on our servers. When I get into a game in both BF3 or BF4 outside of Asia I am always getting kicked for high ping.


    Would I love this to work YES but I really don't see this as a game for us. COD or RO2 are both games where ping is less of a issue.


    If it was up to me I would be pushing RO2 as our game as we can run it our way and not the way EA wants us to run it.

    move then  :thumbsup:

  7. Sign up for EA insider for the beta:


    "Battlefield 1 is releasing worldwide on October 21, 2016"  which beats COD to the punch, ouch.

    "During the EA Play events on June 12 in Los Angeles and London, we'll reveal the first gameplay footage and let attendees try the game for themselves"

    "EA Play won't be your only opportunity to play before release, though. There will be more chances in the months that follow, including an Open Beta (which you can get into a little earlier if you sign up for Battlefield Insider). EA Access and Origin Access members will be able to play for a limited time before the release date, too. And if you pre-order the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition, you

  8. bought blops 3 and enjoy it, still have original cod 4. why buy a new one? as it is only available with a $100 game i have no intention of playing. i am out on this one. Battlefield 5 will be released soon and will get my money, it is rumoured to be set in the world war 1 or 2 setting as well so could be close to waw which is still my favourite cod game


    dedicated servers or not, i will not be paying money for a game i already own, they should have released it as a patch rather than another game. trying to soften the blow of the inevitable failure that infinite warfare will be. 



    the above link gives both sides of the argument + the release trailer. you must buy the new game in order to get the remastered version of cod 4. 


    it is a no from me.


    Jinx Out