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  1. great work, !!!! amazing in fact!
  2. Jeeeeepppp, beeep, beeep: Good to see you!
  3. I do lol... brings back sooo many memories...
  4. Disable Antivirus software and try again, this worked for me - MSVS has a phone home feature that AV software may block. Also run it as ADMIN. One more thing, use the defaULT path and project name - all of that seem to work.. Or Open regedit.exe Locate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\VsWizard.VsWizardEngine.11.0 Right click -> Permissions -> Advanced -> Owner Select "Administrators" and click "OK" Do the same to all subfolders which is under VsWizard.VsWizardEngine.11.0, if any (you might need to restart regedit to see them) Right Click VsWizard.VsWizardEngine.11.0 and click "Delete" Set permissions for VsWizard.WizCombo.11.0 folder and subfolders, and delete that one too Now you shouldn
  5. fixed!
  6. Tell me exacly what you did in the ACP before the problem started, cause everything was fine and now it aint, so I have to figure out what changed between now and then.
  7. what the hell did you do again Cappy, lol
  8. Will be making all the missing our outdated avatars tonight so we will be up to date!
  9. Removed ability to change picture to all members, since there is now just one picture for a profile, then we must assign the avatar via AdminCP, but also means the upload to the site will be made automatically. So for example,Cappy or my self can save on our computers new or updated avatars on our computer locally. Then from the AdminCP, channge the photo of the desired member, select it from our local computer, then it will upload. No longer need ftp access to manage avatars.
  10. Roster added under more, found proper icon and tested the link, all ok. Changed the border colors on the shoutbox, now look better.
  11. no clue yet, lol
  12. Working on adding roster under more link and adjusting the contour of the shoutbox.
  13. Calendar is backup again and running. links to our youtube/twitter and facebook page have been updated.
  14. I will be adding that tonight. requires a bit of code modification, but no sweat!
  15. Alright here are the fixes or solutions. Jinx, to find the posts that where active in the last 24 hours. Click on view new content on top right of the page. On the new page you can toggle between unread content in active content active in past 24 hours, week, 2 weeks and more. Cappy, don't know what the problem with the roster is, I was able to link the profile with without a hitch. For the calendar, it seems broken all together, I openned a ticket with IPS to see what the hell the problem is. I tried everything I could think of, nothing worked so far. !