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  1. My link What you here? L.O.L..WELCOME ABOARD..
  2. You're an asshole. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'. <3 !w loosemind admin arguing lol fitting! !
  3. Zombie hack also known as God mode hack Console:PC,XBOX,PS3 CLAN:NUKE Clan Players known using hack:[NUKE]nathni hack maker:Sph4ck Console:XBOX,PS3,Coming for PC Booster Hack CLAN:Mafia Clan Players known using hack:All the mafia clan members hack maker:mafia clan ESP HACK also known as wallhack packages.. Aimbot,tubebot,tomabot,flash bang [not blinded] radar hack.enemy distant hack..knife bot..etc Console:PC,XBOX,PS3 key bind: F1-AIMBOT F2-TOMABOT F3-TUBEBOT F4-KNIFEBOT F5-ESP KNOWN AS WALL HACK F6-ENEMY DISTANT HACK F7- F8- F9 RADAR HACK F10 ON/OFF HACK F11 F12 Known users:no skills players like to cheat hack makers: independent;Sph4ck ,r3dsc4rz etc company or developers:Catalyxxz hack ultimatehaxx So,you ask me,why i know all of this? my simple answer,before am a member of ultimate haxx are right..I am a hacker too before [mw2] search my name before in youtube...[-ANBU-]***n@Sun that is my old player name you ask me again if am using hack now? nope,am clean and have a skilled player,no need to hack why i post this?coz i want to warn everyone of us P.S Don't try this at our own backyard Don't try this at home
  4. Thanks Fluffy,informative information..Am planning to get a new mobo for my new pc.Its either ASUS MAXIMUS IV GENE Z [Z68] chipset or ASUS MAXIMUS IV EXTREME Z REVISED ( B3 ) [ P67 ] chipset
  5. Z68 vs P67 - What's the advantage?
  6. welcome akicita.i have a words for you,Only a Buffalo only senescent.
  7. Past Present
  8. Led Zeppelin - Moby Dick (Live at Royal Albert Hall 1970) Jon Bonham greatest drummer of all time.
  9. am not old enough to listen this kind of music But songs still remains the same
  10. Gratz dragon
  11. For our Children's Future Sorry i have a 2 different reply,But i feel free.. List of all time ballad: 1.The Flame--Cheaptrick 2.Still got the blues and Parisienne Walkways--Gary Moore 3.all my love--Led zeppilin 4.Before the dawn---Judaspriest 5.Goodbye to romance--Ozzy Osborne 6.Hearts growns cold--Nazareth 7.Lovesong--Tesla 8.Dont know what you got--Cinderella 9.Lady in Balck---Uriah Heep 10.Here i go again--Whitesnake 11.Boat the River--Styxx 12.The last resort Eagles Rock not Dead \m/
  12. Hey

    miz yah dude ! !