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  1. 2200 (10 PM) EST (GMT-5) is when I believe the match is being played. Says 1800 on the WoT site, but I have yet to find out what time zone they are referencing when they say 1800...
  2. Lets rock!
  3. Eagles vs Patriots
  4. Hey

  5. T6 - VK3601, Slugger T7 - None T8 - Lowe
  6. Dedicated servers or not, I'm done with COD. BF3 for me
  7. Yeah I'm thinking I'm gonna buy this now
  8. Nice!
  9. voted and already pre-ordered.
  10. Wish I had waited to buy my Stug now...
  11. Already pre ordered
  12. Welcome to the looney bin, pun most definitely intended