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  1. I love me some tomahawks. Thank Vamp for being my target
  2. 2200 (10 PM) EST (GMT-5) is when I believe the match is being played. Says 1800 on the WoT site, but I have yet to find out what time zone they are referencing when they say 1800...
  3. Lets rock!
  4. Eagles vs Patriots
  5. Hey

  6. T6 - VK3601, Slugger T7 - None T8 - Lowe
  7. Dedicated servers or not, I'm done with COD. BF3 for me
  8. Yeah I'm thinking I'm gonna buy this now
  9. Nice!
  10. voted and already pre-ordered.
  11. Wish I had waited to buy my Stug now...
  12. Already pre ordered
  13. Welcome to the looney bin, pun most definitely intended
  14. Can't wait to start tanking it up again!
  15. Thanks for dropping by!
  16. Yeah, what he said Hope to see you around sometime
  17. Thanks for the info Dragon!
  18. Epic trailer
  19. SWTOR is on my list, but I'm not actively playing any others.
  20. I successfully played this game in the desert today, so just gotta wait for the patch to drop and I'll be set!
  21. Nice! Can't wait to try the American TD line
  22. I'll take two!