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  1. Thank you, heres a picture in return.
  2. If you would like admin in our BF3 servers, please leave a post here with your exact IN-GAME Battlefield 3 name. Instructions and a list of admin commands will be given later.
  3. I talked with Blackcloud, he let me know what was going on with his clan tag being "forced" in a particular server. LoveThai has signed off on the game that GEN does not support for his KF tag, so if for whatever reason the glitch happens again and anyone sees him using a KF tag in Black Ops it is because of a glitch and is not intentional.
  4. It was a combination of various failed updates and corrupted mouse drivers that presented itself as an audio/video or framework issue. Mouse works just fine but when you watch video... the video plays and the audio is perfectly in sync but the rest of the program is frozen? Does not sound like its an issue with the mouse/usb hub but it sure as hell was... very strange.
  5. Let me know if any of them fail.
  6. A complete format and reinstall could very well fix the issue, however this problem was so unique that I can't give you an answer for certain but I am certain that another USB mouse would be fine.
  7. No problem-o that's what were here for
  8. Check the website PM's I just sent you one.
  9. Check your PM's.
  10. And also, I'm going to hop on TS if you can get on there without issue this will go much faster.
  11. Onboard audio?
  12. Also just to clarify I don't mean an outright hardware failure, this probably is something very simple.
  13. Sounds like it could be as you guessed; a hardware issue. If you could, list off the full specs of your rig including OS (Win 7 32 or 64, Vista...).
  14. That looks like a blast.
  15. I know this is the MW3 rant, but I just wanted to add as a side note about skyrim. Skyrim is one of those games where you need to immerse yourself into the game play, loud (good) headphones or surround sound with excellent bass, a big monitor, and some time to spend playing.