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  1. Condolences from both Nyny and Myself Rottie - we will keep y'all in our thoughts in your time of grief.
  2. This is a cut-n-paste reprint of what Smartlink posted back in 2011. It is a shame we have to bring it up again, but necessary it seems. Thanks for the reminder Dragonfire.
  3. Walking Dead: and of course: Dr. Who: (Tom Baker still rules!)
  4. Let see if I understand... We have a MoH Warfighter server here in the U.S. that we have been using as a testbed server (changing rules, game types, server settings etc...) and when we don't get a following in a few short weeks so, we are going to shut it down. We have a MoH Warfighter server in Asia that has had no rules set to enforce (pubbers play as they will) in a restricted play area. This server has a following after a few short weeks. We are leaving it active. We have a BF3 server that has been running for awhile and we have not been able to get players for. So instead of shutting it down we move it to Asia and leaving it active. I submit that the testing on the U.S. MoH server has not had a chance to provide conclusive data. Each time we change rules we need to allow the same amount of time to get the server active. The server was active when we left it run-n-gun (as the Asia server is). We then set rules to walk-tac (which is not a favorite game style if we go by the server browser activity results) and have not even tried crouch-tac. If our idea is to put out a server with set rules then close it down when it does not quickly develop a following, then the U.S. server needs to be shut down - but so does the BF3 server.
  5. My vote is still for a crouch server. Walking has too many different speeds in this game (point walk is almost a fast as blops run). I don't play run-n-gun for one reason: I am no good at it. I no longer have the reflexes for it (nor the money for a top of the line gaming rig). my $.02
  6. Signed it.
  7. I don't think you have to post to be in the running. - But it can't hurt
  8. I've also been evaluating Windows8 - since its first developer’s release - and I must agree. The UI is a true pain to use when you’re used to running Windows on a PC. The reason is the O/S is designed for Smartphone’s and tablets, both using touch screens. On a PC this makes the UI clumsy, and for experienced Windows users almost nonsensical. The goal of Microsoft is to have an O/S that will "feel" the same to users across all hardware platforms - and for novice users they may have something. On the plus side the Win8 O/S, even in pre-release, seems to be a strong platform for running applications and has none of the pit traps that Win Vista did. Will I upgrade to Win8 here at home? Most likely not as I see no benefit to my home computing environment. Will I recommend that we upgrade our company desktop workstations or machine controllers to Win8? Not a chance, with the low level of computer literacy evidenced at work we would give most employees a coronary if we did. For someone buying a new phone and tablet, who does not use a PC, I'd say "Go for it". And that is my $0.02 on Windows 8. (and yea, I've got to learn it as well for any of those people in the compnay who decide to use it...)
  9. Valid business model or not - I do not have to support it. I paid money for the software (which will now be free to others) - I have paid a subscription fee every month (which will now be free to others) - I have been there since beta testing reporting bugs and glitches (which others did not an most likely will not once it goes f2p). For my effort and time and money what can I expect in a few short months? Lots of farmers, spammers and asshats on overrun servers (anyone remember when WoW went f2p to lvl 20?). I don't have the patience to play through that until the devs get it all under control (if they manage too at all) and I do feel slighted by EA - "Thanks for keeping us going from the start, but now put up with lots of players who have no material interest in the game. Just keep paying us for stale game play and broken patches". So, I also will be removing my support from SWTOR (I vote with my money - and my vote is 'NO") and will not be renewing my sub next month.
  10. So say we All.
  11. Have to agree - the trailer left me kind of blah. Hope they are in the process of making many upgrades / changes - but the go live date is 11/12 ...
  12. it's like
  13. Voted Toon: Rebo - Merc lvl 50 Role: Heal - off DPS 7:00 server time
  14. I like the small hat with the saber. Even if the Imperial military does not carry sabers it's iconic of the game. It was difficult to decide between the three thou. Great work Smart and Strog!
  15. •What Faction is your "main"? Empire •Are you playing with an other clan? No - playing with the Cartoon Generals •What server are you playing on? Krayt Dragon •Would you start a character on an other server then the one you play on currently in order to play in =GEN=? NO - already been there, done that. •Would you play with =GEN= if we get a good guild started on a server? I am currently doing so. •Would your =GEN= character be your "main"? It is. •Do you play SWTOR causally, hardcore or in between? Mostly hardcore (first lvl 50 in the guild).