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  1. Here you go: 9:45.826
  2. I'll be available for practice between 6-9pm pst. most days. Just occurred to me that most you you are near the opposite side of the world from me so we'll see how this works out.
  3. I'm game with that. A good team practice event would be great.
  4. This game is good but super hard. I understand that it is a simulator however sometime it seems unrealistic to me. maybe the lack of clear vision of the road and depth perception. Probly dirver error tho, practice makes perfect. I'm using a logitech wheel and pedle setup.
  5. If it isn't it should be and if one was over my house I will.
  6. this definitely looks worth something
  7. c# can be a beast
  8. O_o very interesting
  9. Seems promising
  10. I'll be back!
  11. I recently picked up a pair of these Thermoelectric Cooler - 40x40mm - SparkFun Electronics, was thinking about sticking one under my h60 watercooler to further chill my !5 760 @4ghz it currently idles at 35c now thought it did run cooler (28c-31c) using a different thermal paste (dynex courtesy of Best Buy) other than arctic silver 5 but got wound up in the hype and am not amused yet, anyways was just wondering if any one had any thoughts on TEC's, i know all about condensation issues and are prepared to deal with them.
  12. you know what?.... I honestly believer they've hired a bunch of apple users
  13. if this is true then remove my name from the hat
  14. It is AWSOME!!!!!