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  1. dedicated servers....
  2. its not that bad once you get use to it. Well for jenner mech that is. I need that rapid tapping along with A, D and X of the spacebar to move. I don't think i can rapidly type button using a joystick. It would make sense in an atlas or catapult
  3. lol, but i'll tell you its the BOMB. I love the jenner, so fun to zip through people
  4. Hsunami - Elite for me
  5. i havn't run into hackers yet....(knocks on wood)
  6. just bought elite founder. Woot downloading, looking forward to playing with you guys
  7. hmm now i'm tempted to buy the founder packet too.....hmmmmmmm is there a link to read the stats on the 4 founder mechs? I'm more of a "speed" type player so....imma need a "speed" type mech.... LOL
  8. yea check out the Asus Laptops I have the G73S G50 lines-15inch wide G70 Lines- 17inch wide PLUS NEVER BUY ANY NOTEBOOKS from retail stores like bestbuy or what not. Because like the G70 line i was looking at even though it was only 1100 at bestbuy and i looked online it was like 1500 i wondered why but after comparing specs the ones at the retail stores are like the worst versions of the line up. So it would be like a G70 Jr. or something. If anything order from like or anywhere else. Most of them will have sales and will save you like 300-400 dollars. Thats what i did with my laptop
  9. Please Post your Battle Log ID and Server Only. Hsunami#1706 / US Server
  10. its based on Region. I'm on the US
  11. battle tag Hsunami#1706
  12. I feel you, me too! took them forever to release finally...D3..about time on a side note.... 4!!!!!! MORE DAYS!
  13. 5 more days!
  14. Imma be playing as demon hunter or wizard Hsunami- Demon Hunter / Wizard