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  1. $69.99
  2. o7
  3. Outstanding game play. I think it would be a good contender for all to play here. Oh and its free! below is the link. I would NOT get it from Steam just get it from the web site. My Player name is VampLord If you get on please leave your player name below! Heroes and Generals
  4. OMG!!!! JEEP!! o7 Brother Missed you a lot man good to see ya. ~Vamp
  5. Welcome
  6. Welcome Leonidas
  7. getting it tonight
  8. SWEET!!!!!
  9. Aug 8, 1974: Nixon resigns On August 5, transcripts of the recordings were released, including a segment in which the president was heard instructing Haldeman to order the FBI to halt the Watergate investigation. Three days later, Nixon announced his resignation.
  10. ONLY IN Australialand
  11. Next month will do! o7
  12. Nice!