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  1. lol just for the record...i'm the dude in the tan skull cap. Capt Oblivious, thats me.
  2. Let us know how the reforming of your old unit goes. My over-riding interest is keeping GENs who want to play, playng together, or at least having that as an option.
  3. doesnt 'require' it, but just like in WoTs you get XP/C-bill bonuses for having that 'premium' acct. These packs give you X number of months of premium up front, then X amount of in-game cash that can be used to buy more mechs, slots or extend premium months etc.
  4. Can you guys post to this thread if you have purchased a founder's pack and which one you bought? I'm trying to get a good feel for how many of us might be giving this game a go, and look for a place within a Merc Corps (i'm digging up information on a few now we might 'fit in with' and will post their info later. I guess we can either select a common Corps to join, or do our own things when the time comes) where we might be able to stay together as a team and still be part of more of the CWs-type stuff in MW:O, as I really dont think we'll be able to field a full company ourselves (WoT barely meets a single 15-man team, and its been going for over a year now). Purchaser - Founder's Pack type Broekn - Legendary DonJulio - Legendary Psychotic - Legendary
  5. wow, i think that's THREE GENs that've bought the legendary pack..too rich for my blood! I'm waiting till the last or at least until I get paid next Friday :-p
  6. is that MoH's first foree into the whole 'modern' stuff? looks pretty slick, least the SP does anyway.
  7. True, spent my fair share in WoT..but 120 up front is kinda steep. Ill stck with the $60 flavor, that's retail price for a new game..I can handle that
  8. LOL, yeah THAT shite aint happenin
  9. its up for sale now through the 7th of Aug for anyone interested in it. I'll be buying mine on payday :-/ looked at my fundage and wife's b-day takes priority. do your due diligence on the variants available! research their loadouts and match 'em with your playstyle as that is the first question you'll be asked when clicking to buy the founders pack! (wish they'd let us choose which variant...but w/e, cant win them all)
  10. I will. Prolly the hunchback, though the catapault might be fun as well.
  11. Kiss of death or good decision on their part?
  12. Before and after D-Day: Rare color photos,
  13. Not sure if this link will work. Found this slideshow on the Normandy landings browsing news on my phone. Some id seen before, many I hadn't D-Day: 68 years later,
  14. not sure why you couldnt find me DF..but i added you as a friend so we should be good.
  15. I will. Probably get either the Atlas or hunchback with it. The other will be my normal starting mech.