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  1. Hey Lead. It was certainly a different time for me man. I'm grateful for the air of forgiveness. Even when I didn't show it, you guys always meant a lot to me. Good to see most of you are still around. Spoke to Cappy this evening on a COD 5 server, and even saw Grissim as well. Thanks for making me feel welcome. It is truly appreciated. Peace. See you guys around soon. Roark aka Southside
  2. Wow! It has been quite some time. Most of you won't know me, and that's alright. Those who do know me, I'm writing this to you. Back in the day, I joined the 7th Cav in 2009. I was a Texas Certified teacher IRL. From Jan 2009 - June 2009, I lost my job teaching because of my health. I knew I was going to have to resign during that time. I was angry at everything and everyone. The rest of 2009 and 2010 didn't get any better, and I didn't find a new job. I was overwhelmed with depression, and angry at the world. This was some of the darkest times in my life, IRL. Unfortunately, my real life rolled over into my 7th Cav life. In 2011, those of you who still know my name, know I was not in a good place. I was bitter, and it showed. To those of you who knew me then... I sincerely and humbly apologize. I ask for your forgiveness. In 2011, I had to medically retire as fully unemployable. Since 2012, I turned things around. I weighed in at over 380 pounds. Today, I just turned 50 in October, and I weighed in at 216 pounds. The weight loss has done tremendous wonders for my life and outlook. In that time since 2011, I have given my time and my life to my family, and being an Uncle to the 5 grandkids. In 2016, I lost my father of 75 years. I learned not to take people for granted. I took most of you guys (Lead, Jeep, Cappy, Runez, Rottie, and others) for granted. I caused the separation. I created the environment that made things miserable for others. I can't change that, and I have wished for years that I could have. Since then, I joined the 7th Cavalry again in late 2011 after leaving when Plum was banned. (You know who I speak of). I decided to start my Cav-life over again. I learned how to care about people, and how to help others rather than hinder them. Because of so many of you guys here, I learned how to be grateful for the people around me. I was made a Company Commander 3 times since 2011. I never, ever, took a group of people around me for granted again. You guys taught me that, and I am thankful. I hope that in the future days and weeks, I can come by for a visit. I miss you guys. Please don't feel sorry, or take this as anything but me trying to make those old days right again. I don't deserve forgiveness, but I plead for it. Talk soon brothers. Peace, Southside