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  1. Ive been gone the last few.. weeks/months but why? Well this year I went from getting my professional bachelor in chemistry (aka liberator technician), to now receiving my bachelor in industrial engineer. This means that in September I will start my master year. Now the last few months I've kept myself busy (this was kinda forced on me by my school ) to work on a project where we looked at improving the biodiesel synthesis. Which we actually did! We found a way to make cleaner and cheaper biofuel! As clear as water! But one of the major new changes in my life will start very soon, when I move into an apartment with my girlfriend. After 2 years, and 6 long years of 'studying'. I think it is time for a new step. I do miss you guys (the ones I know ) and I do hope that I can find time to get online when you guys are now sleeping!!! Cheerio from Belgium
  2. Hello this is MrGold calling for Belgium. Some of you might know my brother MrPinball. Well the crazy guy ran a Marathon last week, the Marathon of Antwerp. He did it in a whopping 4h28m. Don't have a picture of the finish, but I did make one right in the middle of the race PS: I had a small small (extremely small) apartment in the building in the back of the picture. They kinda fixed it up.. When I lived their, I had to share a kitchen with 6 Chinese people..
  3. Yep! study study study!!!! Only 1.5 more years!
  4. Update: Laptop still working, but that is not the update.. The update is that I received all my exam results!!! AND... I passed them all! Even the exam where I had the little melt down! wwOOOHAA
  5. Headsets can be fixed..broken heads are a bit harder! ;p
  6. What happened to my laptop you might ask yourself.. Well I was studying for separation process principles, and I was making an exercise. After breaking my head of this exercise for more then 1 day, I thought I finally had the correct result. But I didn't.. So I got so frustrated, I couldn't put the exercise away, and I couldn't find the result. So to cool down I thought it was a good plan to break my pencil. But then I thought, no this is not a good idea. And so my plan was to throw my pencil against the wall in front of me. The pencil then left my hand in slow motion, and I am not kidding, I saw it go matrix style against my laptop screen. What happened was a giant crack was made in the screen.. this you might be wandering is not good. So the same day I went to the shop and there they told me it would cost me allot of money. I decided to do it myself! So after my exams I went online and ordered the exact same screen. ( 2 days later I recieved a packet and I oculd finally make an attempt on repairing it! With success!!! In the end it cost me 1 pencil (I still broke it after as punishment) and 100 euros for the new screen + delivery. Here are a couple pics of how I repaired my laptop screen: Enjoy
  7. Heyo guys, Well I had a little bit of a mishap a week ago, long story short... I broke the screen of my laptop. Now I have exams till the end of this month and after that Ill start operation "repair". It will cost about 400euros to get it fixed by HP. SO I am going to do it myself. I'm going to buy a new screen and install it myself. Me and my friend YouTube will get the job done for only 150 euro . SO I'll try to hop into ts, but on this old computer it wont be possible to play BO Whish me luck with the repairs (and exams ) Grts Mr.Gold
  8. Name: Lex Depauw Age: 24 Location: Belgium Time Zone: GMT+1 Ingame Name: SteamID: Mr.Gold Do you regularly play on our server(s)? Yes Do you follow our server rules well? Yes Would you like join the Cartoon Generals? Yes, if the price is right ;p If accepted in to Cartoon Generals, would you consider donating money towards the clan for the servers and website? If I had a job I would, but I'm a college student. What qualities do you have that would suit the community here at Cartoon Generals? I lead by example! How did you hear about Cartoon Generals? Clans you where in before? Yes Reason why you left? Personal