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  1. Game: CoD Black Ops Name: perfecdaytodie Date an Time of ban: 11/6/2011 1:00am PST When I try to join your server #1, It auto kicks me. I don't know what I did wrong or heard anything from admin the last time I join in which was on 11/5. I don't recall breaking any major rules the last time I played on server#1. Please help!!!!
  2. To GrapeApe Thank you for letting me back in on your server. I try playing on your server#2 whenever there was players in there. Its been more than 7 days an I still cant get in. Please help!!!
  3. Game: Black Ops Name: [FUB]perfectdaytodie Date an Time of ban : 7/5/2011 midnight pacific time I'm usually follow the rules when not to wasted on alcohol and try my best to call out runners in your server. When starting the game I notice somebody shooting at me so my my first instinct that i had was to run and take cover but instead of taking cover I panic and ran towards the guy and knife him. After that I went back to crouch and then admin told me that I was running and then I got kicked. I play most of the time in your server almost every day or night for a couple of hours. cartoongenerals#1 crouch has been my favorite server for quite some time. I just cant imagine playing on another server. If I did a mistake then I sincerely apologize and I assure you that I would do my best to not break any of your server rules.