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  1. I surely will Greyman
  2. Do you have any problem with it?
  3. Thanks cappy =) ill keep in touch with you guys
  4. Due to logistic reasons we will not be able to go forward with this match. Thank you gentleman, 2nd Lt Fernandes, R 7th Cavalry Regiment
  5. We do not support Black ops anymore
  6. Hello CGs. I was informed that you were interested in scheduling a scrim with the 7th cav in COD WaW, if you are please let me know so we can arrange it, Take care guys
  7. Works for us lead, I will be awaiting more info from you
  8. yes lead WaW Teams will be maximum of 10 vs 10, adjustable to what each team has It will be TDM The game will be hosted by the clans, so we play 3 times, once on ours then on yours and then on ours We would like to have 1 match per week
  9. Gentleman, The 7th Cav is organizing a new Tactical Competition, and we would like to invite the Cartoon Generals to take part of the competition. Right now we have confirmed the presence of the Bad Karma , and we are working on more clans. This will be the format of the league: League Rules Game and leader-board rules: Victory = 3 points Draw = 1 Point 3 rounds 15 minutes ** Points for victory/draw only pertaining the final score, ie, comprehending the 3 rounds Only case of draw is if the teams finish the 15 minutes with the same final score Teams play against each other 3 times Rules of engagement: 1) Crouch movement or sights up, you are only allowed to run when under enemy fire 2) Walling is allowed if a target is confirmed first 3) No blind nades 4) No Dolphin Diving 5) Aimed fire at all times 6) No martyrdom/Second Chance/Bomb Squad/Juggernaut/steady aim 7) No ledging, if it's too small or weak to stand on in real life don't do it 8) No spawn Camping 9) No usage of explosives as primary weapon 10) No jumping from multiple story buildings 11) No artillery/dogs/recon 12) No tanks Load out Rules: 1) Only one sniper allowed per team 2) Only the sniper and two more players can have bouncing betties 3) Only One heavy gunner per team
  10. Your clan Name: 7th Cavalry Regiment Your clan Website: Type of Gamestyle your clan plays: TDM Your name: Fernandes (Rodders) Your rank or position: First Sergeant C/2-7, S5 PR NCOIC Who to contact: Myself, lead has my email Date match will be played: Sunday 19th @ 2000 CST Which server (yours or ours): It can be yours since last time was on ours Gametype: TDM Game Length: 15 mins 3 rounds Number of players per side: 10 vs 10 Rules of engagement, if any: Our commonly shared rules
  11. Roger that,Lead, Yes that's is what i was talking also regarding the Pistols. I'm gona reschedule it with our guys, Ill keep in touch with you until the date of the scrims to give more details regarding maps used sides to pick etc
  12. Saturday 1800 CST sounds good to me Lead. So you guys can do it this next Saturday or only on 9th of June? Burnout: I agree with the walling. Regarding the Pistol, I'm good with it, but you are stating that you will be recording our team? we won't accept that, if you want, we can record our team, you can record yours and if needed we can share videos later if there is a problem. We've made several scrims now and we never add any issues so i dont we will have this time
  13. Ok, let me know of anything
  14. Your clan Name: 7th Cavalry Your clan Website: Type of Gamestyle your clan plays: TDM/S&D Your name: Fernandes,R (Rodders) Your rank or position: First Sergeant, and S5 NCOIC Who to contact: lead has my email I believe and you can PM me here or on the Cav forums, whichever you prefer 20 May Date match will be played: 20 May, Sunday at 1900 CST Which server (yours or ours): I do not remember if the last scrim was on ours or on yours, if it was on ours we can do on yours or vice versa Gametype: TDM/S&D Game Length: 15-20 Number of players per side: 8-12 (can accommodate more if enough guys for each side) Rules of engagement, if any: > the rules we share, regarding crouch movement and hip firing. > Once the game starts no spectators, and no substitutions until the round ends > Each side will have a Team Commander which will communicate > No using Pistols more then the Primary weapon > No Blind nades, enemy confirmation required, only exception is for clearing nades, which you have to follow inside, or else it will be blind > No walling at all, aim at a body part > Rifle Grenades are allowed only outside, no indoors to indoors or indoors outdoors. Perk Details: > Betty, Deep Impact and Iron Lungs only for snipers (one sniper per team) > No marty or Second Chance. > Besides the Sniper , two players per side may have betties, Let me know if you guys prefer doing some TDM or S&D
  15. Roger that Lead, no worries