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  1. Hi there. Many of you don't know me because I'm not active much anyways but some of the old school FPS gamers know me. Sometimes this week I'm selling my old pc (which will be recycled into an office PC) and on the 14th, I'm moving back from Japan to Canada. I've been in Japan for 8 years now and it's time to go back. My wife and I decided that we are going to buy a mac as our next computer. Partly because we want to have a nice laptop and partly so that I won't play games everyday. With Steam Play, I will still have many of my titles available on the mac but most FPS are not. So. I am there off resigning from this clan. I'll see you on Steam. Thanks for the many hours of pleasure and frustrations. It was fun. Sensei
  2. In and ready...waiting online. Am I early?
  3. You'll have to tell me what to update.
  4. Congrats! I don't think I will ever.
  5. Yet another senseless killing. This time Firefighters were shot while driving up to a house on fire. One was a police man.
  6. So we heard the opinions of Americans, the first concerned, Aussies and Brits. Let me give you another opinion from a Canadian. (Smartlink is also Canadian) We actually had a few spree shooting in Montreal. The worst one was at polytechnique, a prestigious engineering school in Montreal. Marc Lépine, 25, shot 24 people, 4 men and 20 women and killed 10 women. He used a a semi-automatic weapon (a Ruger Mini-14) with an ammo capacity of 30. The results of this massacre were multiple: 1- the government outlawed anything larger the 20 (or is it 12) ammo in the magazine. There also was until this year a mandatory registering of all weapons owned. No one can carry a gun in public without a good reason and any handguns are, of course registered (since 1867) Thanks to these regulations, it is much more difficult for a murderer to kill many people at once, in a short time. I mean, yes, the man kills, not the gun. So why has the gun to be an assault rifle with a 45 round magazine? A 6 shooter should do the same job if you don't intend to use it, or if you just intend to show it to defend yourself. Another effect of this regulation is that when a police officer is called to a residence, thanks the the gun register, he knows if the owner has a gun or not. More powerful weapons mean more people dead in a short time. That is not self defense, it is assault. Another point of view: Japan. Japan has virtually no violent crime. It is in the mentality. (The area with the highest rate of violent crime is Okinawa thanks to our friendly Americans there) In Japan, any gun is outlawed. No guns at all. The Yakuzas still use guns but they are hard to get so there are very few guns victims. The interesting thing is that knives larger than 12" are also illegal. You see, Japan used to have samurais and these blokes used to have deadly swords up until 1870 when they got outlawed. Now, when a crazy guy goes to a school to kill people (it happens, even here. In 2001 a guy went to an elementary school and killed 8 children with a kitchen knife.) he goes with a kitchen knife. Interesting parallel now, since then, each classroom has a weapon. Just like the NRA recommends. Except that since guns are useless here, each classroom in Japan has a stick to fend off attackers and a kind of Y shaped pole to push them. I have not heard of any other incidents in schools since then. For full disclosure, being a liberal Canadian, I am for gun regulations and control. I think we should have hunting rifles and that's about it. I will get one when I go back to Canada. They are good for hunting and home defense. Those are the only reasons you should own a weapon. If I lived in the states, I might own a small handgun like a Kruger just for the fun of it but nothing more.
  7. Darn I just bought a GTX 650.
  8. Done. I got a GeForce GTX 650
  9. Voted. Much better now and I don't care if it's not full all the time. At least when I want to play it, I can have a spot.
  10. As for this is really 2 clans in one now and we try to pretend we are still one. There is the "FPS" part of the clan and the Tank game clan. We usually don't meet each other. During the golden days of Black Ops, we all played it but those days are unfortunately over. Worst part is that we play 4 or 5 different games in the first person shooter category and our roster is not big enough to support our servers. Even worst, some members, especially in the US for some reason, prefer playing on public servers than playing on our servers, which helps no one.
  11. Why close the American server? I played on it a lot. The Asian server was always full and it was soft core. I prefer hard core. If we put the same game mode on the Asian server, then yes. Close the American server if no clan member play on it. I mean, who cares if no pubber is playing? All I care about is to play with my mate on our server. If they go to another clan's server to play, I will not usually go. a If we are just 4 on our server and follow our rules, it is still fun for me. I am not a killing machine anyway, I do not need 45 kills to satisfy me. I am happy if I lost and the game was a close one. If I play against Waller, though... it's one sided fun. Anyway. Come on and patch the buggy game before it dies, will you?
  12. would be great but it's quite more expensive at ¥ 23,480 for the cheapest vs ¥ 10,365 for the 7770. Is it that much better?
  13. I found this great site: