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  1. OK, so I just preordered it through Steam. For any of the rest of you guys who get it, I'd love to get together and blow some shit up with ya... hopefully it's as fun as Blops was, we had some epic nights with that!
  2. Hey guys, just checking in to see if any of you are going to be picking this up. I'm thinking about pre-ordering it, as it looks pretty fun, would love to play some more CoD with the homies!
  3. That is crappy news, i was really looking forward to this game.
  4. It coulda been just a couple of lights that hauled ass right to your base, one of my buddies runs a jenner that does like 139kph... doesnt take long to scoot across the whole map while running at that clip. I have a hunchy with an xl300 engine that does 97.9kph and i can flat book it across the map to cover an enemy light that is trying to cap, with ease. honestly i have seen zero hacks or cheats in this game so far, and i am very experienced with mecha games. doesnt mean it wont happen, just saying i havent seen any yet.
  5. Hey Kevin, I just sent you an ingame friend request. If ya have any questions about the game or need any help, let me know.
  6. dont be afraid to drop a weapon and pickup more heatsinks. also, split your weapon groups so you can cycle them faster and keep your heat more manageable. be sure to also setup an alpha-strike group for that kill shot punch when you need it!
  7. If you guys make it into the Beta, add me on your in-game friends list so we can hook up for some drops! Catch me on there as Logan Pryde. Cya guys soon!
  8. The Hunchy is pretty fast and is a little badass.
  9. Forum link for those wanting more details: Keep in mind, it is STILL CLOSED BETA, not the finished product.
  10. Great news for you guys who have manned up and gotten your Founders packs already! Plus, anyone who orders their Founders package from here on out is given beta keys as well. The goodies you get with your Founders package will be awarded on Aug. 7th when open beta begins. I'll be crushing you all under foot very shortly...
  11. Dragonfire, dont you worry... the game is kickass! The Awesome was just implemented today, w00t! Btw, check your inboxes... 1200 new beta keys went out to Founders yesterday and I also heard another 2000 are going out today. If you are not a Founder yet, get off your ass and get er' dun! I need more n00bs to shoot at!
  12. JC, this is why you're my homie!
  13. The Hunchy freaking owns!
  15. Your long lost cousin DJ!