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  1. Take care buddy, catch me on steam if you fancy a game, might even try that dirty bomb you mentioned!
  2. There's 4 night maps (existing maps) coming which look good, the community map and didn't they put a poll up not long ago asking which previous map we want them to remake for BF4?
  3. Yeah, it's a shame really. I enjoyed the car chasing one, but it got old quick. Especially when everyone unlocked the RPG in the boot (trunk for you Americans :-) )... Still sticking to BF4 - there's some new guns and maps coming which will be good.
  4. I did look at that one - but decided against as I only wanted 1080p. This monitor arrived today so I'm gonna jump in bf4 and give it a go!
  5. Cappy, can you run at 4k? Have u upgraded your pc?
  6. Haha, I knew if I bought a 2560 I'd have to buy another 1200 dollar graphics card so I stuck with 1080p. It's a tn monitor, not sure what the difference between the two are but know that this is cheaper than ips. This is the one I got, should be here Monday!
  7. Hi guys, As many of you know, for years I have been using a Samsung 32 inch TV as a monitor at 1080p 60hz. I've defended this selection on many occasions, truth is, contrary to what others (Cappy) have tried, it isn't blocky in the slightest and is great with a low field of view. You can clearly see people's faces to shoot from any distance. Having said that, over the years the screens a bit washed out so it's time for a change. I was going to get another one of these but I've decided to jump on the 144hz bandwagon. I've just ordered the new Acer 27-inch 144hz 1ms G-SYNC monitor. Apparently G-sync adapts the monitors refresh rate to your fps to ensure that there's absolutely no tearing whilst getting around the mouse lag problems of 60hz vsync. I'm going to have to get used to the smaller screen size I guess but I hope the faster refresh rate compensates a bit. Has anyone here gone from 60hz to 120 or 144hz? Is the difference that much? To be honest, writing this post I've just realised I've wasted my money....I don't get less than 144FPS in any game so paying the extra 100 quid for G-sync was a waste of time....
  8. That sounds good. Usually the only reason I play fps games is to make people rage. Hahaha... Playing to capture a spaceship, awesome!
  9. Looks pretty cool, but... I looked on the store page and an individual ship costs between $40-
  10. I'll download it and give it a go again. I found it OK but it's a very team oriented game. My recommendation... Shoot em in the face, they drop easy enough ;-)
  11. Too fast paced for the older generation. Haha. Looks good, I think I'll give it a try.
  12. haha! I've had enough practice, I think i'd kick ass at that game!
  13. They did;
  14. Hi gents, The new customisation options for weapons dramatically change how the weapon performs. Thought i'd put up a post to share the best combos - Here's mine! AEK 971. Kobra sight Angled grip Muzzle brake. You then have a gun that fires at 900 rounds per minute with very little recoil - good for close and long range! Another good combo; ACE 23 Coyote RDS Angled Grip Muzzle brake Good for long range! ;-)
  15. I'm running the beta drivers and I'm lagging all over the place when I played the other day. Still, be awesome when it's sorted and hardcore miss is available. Even bought a stand for my ipad so I have a good view of the minimap.