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  1. I was banned because apparently i was making fun of someone, when in fact we were all joking around, someone joined the channel and took it serious and i ended up banned, they said i was banned for Making fun of another member when i was just joking and he knew
  2. Ok grapeape, nice seeing you again
  3. I was banned a few months back from the TS3 and was wondering if i could be unbanned, i'm guessing it was a comment said jokingly that someone took serious, as what i was told from a message on the WoT forums. I would love to be unbanned and jump right back into playing with you guys, i really enjoyed hanging out in your servers and Teamspeak Server. NZSpecial also told me if i put in an appeal i would have a better chance of getting unbanned, so i got my hopes high
  4. Fine, banned from the teamspeak still, i wanted to jump in and say hey than i remembered why i haven't spoken to any one from the CGEN in a while
  5. Just wanted to stop by and say hey, it's been a while since i have talked to any of you guys and i see the clan is getting bigger.
  6. I tried to log onto the TS3 server to talk to someone about something and it tells me i am perm banned. Why?
  7. My name is Evil_Bullet, I'm former 7th cavalry, i got Dishonorably Discharged for something i did so i came to you guys to find a more better tactical group, hope to get in your TS3 and meet some people