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  1. If your not familiar with Life is Feudal, and like sandbox games like CIV, or Minecraft, your gonna love this one!. It is like no other sandbox out there as in it is very difficult in the fact that nothing is given to you. You have to learn everything, and it takes a long time to accomplish the bigger projects. Best thing is the skill cap.. the server can be set to only allow players to skill up so much. What this does is forces you to work with others because you dont have enough skills to do it all. IE carpentry, blacksmith, alchemy, farming, forester, cooks.... you name it, it's there. With the skills set right, at most you will be able to learn 1 skill set... We can bump it up to learn it all, but that takes out the fun. If you like a game that is a challenge and can not be completed in a week... come check out Life is Feudal. When I am on, I will be streaming it on I have started a server than runs 24/7 for Life is Feudal. The game can be purchased through steam, and is a one time fee, no monthly charges.... The server is called: [uS] Cartoon Generals Password is: gens If your having trouble finding the server, use the tilde, Control + Tilde (~) while the game screen is open, then type in: joinToRemoteServer("","gens")
  2. Priest Macros Simple heal spell that works on a mouse-over. While seemingly complicated, this macro changes your Heal spell in such a way that: If you are mousing over a target which exists, is not dead and is friendly, it will cast Heal on them. Otherwise, if your currently selected target exists, is not dead and is friendly, Heal will be cast on them instead. Lastly, if neither of the above two conditions are met, it will cast Heal on yourself. #showtooltip Heal /cast [@mouseover,exists,nodead,help,][exists,nodead,help][@player] Heal *******************************************************************************************************
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  14. I will start putting in some good macros as I go along for any of you who want to give them a try.
  15. We moved to Nazgrel for more pop