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  1. Take care, Axice. Glad things are looking better for you.
  2. Figured this might be an interested audience, I know we have a lot of military history buffs here. Just saw this today. This 18 minute video shows, with graphical elements the deaths (military and civilian) of WW2. It's really quite staggering.
  3. I saw code that was a derivative of C and threw up a little in my mouth. (I have a long hate/hate relationship with all things C / derivative there of ...) Good for you though
  4. Will be a wait and see for me ...
  5. Hmmm, if the reviews of this (both professional and inside the clan) turn out to be any good, this may be the shooter for me to get back into it. I love all things Star Wars
  6. Well, too late now ... ordered a set of Logitech G930. We'll find out
  7. Seriously thinking about the wireless version this time. So I think the G930 looks like the wireless version of these. I might go hunting around electronics stores in Australia and see if they have a pair out for a try on before spending $100 on them. Then I still have time to order from Amazon for delivery before I get home
  8. Wifey tells me that while I've been in Australia, son was using my computer one day and "my headset broke". Don't know how, don't want to know what 20 year old son did, but they were old and probably due a replacement anyway. What I had was a Plantronics Gamecom 780 headset. It's wired, has big holes for my big ears and was wide enough for my fat head. So, before I hit up Amazon for a new set, thought I'd ask around a few places I hang out with other gamers and ask what you recommend - so I can order and have new toys waiting for me when I get home in a week and a half. I've always shied away from wireless for gaming because I have been in the middle of raids and things before where mouse or keyboard runs out of juice at the worst possible time - but I have tripped over the cord to my headset so many times, I'm wondering if I shouldn't invest in wireless. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
  9. Take care, Sensei! Good luck on the move, international moves are sooooo (not) fun!
  10. Hey Finky! Hope you and Betty are doing well!
  11. A very Merry Christmas to all our friends, current and past. Nice to see you guys, Caustic and TBone
  12. Don't play much WoW any more, Lead
  13. Welcome back, Jeep. I sit quietly in the background these days and don't play too much at all for FPS games any more. Might have to dig up COD 4 and 5 and re-install them one day for old time's sake (just installed Windows 8 - if these dinosaurs will even run on Windows 8
  14. So the US Navy pulls the Riker Maneuver ?
  15. For those that may not be aware, this Monday - November 24th - is the 4th anniversary of the founding of the Cartoon Generals. Happy Birthday to us!