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  1. I wanted to share something with you all that the XII does every September 11th. At 8pm EST during prime time, we stop all shooting on the server and ask all players to comply or leave. We meet in the middle of the map and for the rest of the round talk in all voice chat so the pubbers can hear things we remember about 9-11-2001. The final minute of the map is a full minute of silence to pay our respects to those left behind on that day and for the soldiers lost in all countries in the fighting that ensued. We would like to invite you to either start a similar tradition of your own, or join us in our Black ops servers at this time. Semper Fi, Crankbait Frozen-XII-Chosin Clan Founder.
  2. Roger that Cappy, Just wanted to assure you we hold the CGs at the highest standard of Honor and integrity. Or in the words of my Gramps. "It dont make no nevermind, you guys are alright"
  3. Nah, only one that will take time read the petition is those of us writing it.. Its their game they want us to play it the way they intended....League play and the Elite package has forced this, there is no way it will change, well at least not for this release. Message from the XII "We are taking our Ball and going home" Moving to another FPS, So far it looks like MOH Warfighter to keep the tradition alive... going to be real hard to recruit and move forward, COD has really put a few nails in the coffin here.
  5. Reply returned We will keep "One Eye" open looking for your reply!!!
  6. Burnout? you interested
  7. Thanks Cappy... Burnout is right on top of things as usual he sent over a scrim request on our forums, Looks real good!! The Gens will have the honor of schooling us on the ways of a WAW scrim.. Looks like we have to get some training time in.. Burnout can you host this one?
  8. Some of our guys are playing WAW due to the complete lameness of MW3. We are wanting to see what scrim action is like in this server, Was hoping I could get Burnout to send us a challenge in this arena..I would initiate a challenge however I am not sure the normal loadouts/rules for this game.. Would love to get into some more action with the CGs, It has proven to be a good partnership with little controversy, You all seem the get the "Friendly Fun Scrim" idea where others may get too serious...
  9. Yep we did the scrim, 1st in a string of 7...Things are definatley different and better over their neck of the woods now. We got to play with a lot of old friends and a good time was had. I would encourage you all to set up a scrim with them (and us for that matter). They scrim a bit differently than either of us do, From the looks of it they have some protocol they follow as far as who does what. They looked sharp I'll say.... they were a well organized crew and put up a great fight.. on another note, if you all have some MW3 players who want to do something in that arena, let us know we are game and have a dedi server set up for it
  10. Thanks for the Scrim GENS!! as always you guys made it fun for us. We look forward to the next scrim. TDM really evened the tables and we were overwhelmed till almost the end and it was too late!! In the words of Isoroku Yamamoto "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."
  11. got it , replied, All sounds great, I am sure they would love a few minutes in the ring
  12. no email sir...
  13. No worrries T-Bone, Cappy told me there was some real-life stuff holding up the srim guys. We will have a team ready for that day (next Saturday). If you guys make it then great! if not we will just shoot eachother for a while. Do reveiw the rule set and adjust as desired.
  14. My email is, or you can PM me directly on the website Look forward to the next scrim. We have a static Scrim set up for the second saturday of every month with the Generals, so this is just a rules of engagment confirmation and getting the maps confirmed.
  15. Hi guess this fell by the wayside, Can we move this to OCT. 8th @9pm EST, As always we have a scrim team ready, BTW, we have changed our name to The Frozen Chosin due to other clans continuing to take our name and tags and damage our reputation. We left a tribute to our roots and wear the tag (XII) for the 12th Hopefully we can get another scrim put together soon!! Crank