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  1. That's TEAMWORK!
  2. F that! Got it
  3. Tankers: As you probably know we have recently taken land again and are building a reserve of gold. Our previous system of distribution left us rarely distributing the gold we had, which we think was unfair to the players that worked hard to earn it. So, we are introducing a new system to keep you guys comin’ back for more. We will be distributing the gold we’ve accumulated thus far to you guys on the first of next month, so please let us know if you'd like to receive your share or pass on it so that others may get more. This gold is for everyone who competes in Clan Wars, so anyone who has participated or at least shown interest in participating is entitled to a piece of the pie. We will be disbursing the gold acquired through Clan Wars every 3 months from here on out. We will be doing this on the first day of January, April, July, and October. If you are not active in Clan Wars you will not be eligible to receive gold. To become eligible you must join the Clan Wars lobby at least 10 nights during the 3 month period, with at least a tier 4 light, tier 5 artillery, and/or tier 6 tank available for battle. We will compile a list of active Clan Wars participants and confirm if they would like to receive gold before sending it out. So be sure to let me or Yoursister know in advance one way or the other. There will be a one month claiming period after the dispersion date. On the dispersion date, we will pay all players who have confirmed that they wish to receive payment. We will divide the plunder as if those who haven’t yet claimed their loot would like to. Those players will have one month to speak up, and after that month any unclaimed loot will be left in the reserves for the next payout. The more players we can field for Clan Wars, the better our odds of holding lands and getting gold for you guys. So make sure to do your part to secure wins and earn some gold for yourselves and your clan mates! Regards, TheBuddhaMan Deputy Commander/Treasurer, TBC Tank Company
  4. Hey guys, this goes out to all my tankers to let you all know that Clan Wars is up and running again. We'll have battles every day of the week, so if you can, please try to make it. If we start getting good player participation, we will have multiple landings to ensure that everyone gets a chance on the proving grounds. Good luck, and see you all on the battlefield. =GEN=TheBuddhaMan
  5. To start, I would like to apologize for my absence the last few days. The first time I bring us in to clan wars under my new position, and I bail. I gave no explanation, just gone. And I know some of you guys think it was just to run off and have a good time, but in fact I'm trying to get my life in order, as well as help a friend who is going through his own troubles. I'm not certain what the future holds, but I'm trying the best I can. I've scheduled a battle for tonight, and I will be doing so every day. If this changes, I will let you guys know. NZspecial, I thank you for stepping up during my absence. From what I hear you did a kickass job. I promise not to put you into that position again. This was my strike one, and it was a big one. I do not plan to repeat it, and I say we push onward to victory! See you on the battlefield, gents. =GEN=TheBuddhaMan
  6. WOLF! It'll be great to have you back man! All I can ask is that you guys show up, and it seems that you're already gettin on it. Good man, good man.
  7. I do sincerely apologize if anyone feels isolated by this post, I am simply trying to keep everyone together, and I know that there are members who might get the wrong impression from these sudden changes, and I would like for that not to happen :-D
  8. So, I was hoping we would be able to ease into the next phase of our tanking legacy. I think we who are active in tanks can agree that things have been kinda rough lately, with the higher ups being stressed over the apparent division of goals and desires of our members, and the tensions that have been coming up between some, as well as our inability to work together effectively. These stresses seem to have come to a head, with two of our valued tankers, Dragon and Grape, leaving the group, and placing me in charge. It was my hope that this would be a positive change, as I believe I can get everyone on the same page, and see our team working together, cohesively, and effectively. I was also hoping to resolve the conflicts that are taking place between members, as it is not, in my belief so much a problem of differing personality types, but rather disagreement on terms of how we are playing the game. I have been working on many ideas and strategies to see these problems resolved, in a manner that would be both noninvasive to our players' gaming style, nor their time and freedom. However, it seems that before I have even had a chance to implement or even discuss these ideas with the group, people are having their doubts about staying involved in the team. I do not wish to isolate any members in this message, however we are already seeing fallout, and to the best of my knowledge, there has been no public announcement nor explanation from these members about why this is happening, leaving us to guess at the reasons, and me to attempt to explain before I have even really announced my change in position. I realize that these members have probably left because have been too stressed with their roles and responsibilities in their former roles within tanks. However, I believe it is unfair to the group and to me as the new commander to undergo these actions without warning or explanation. I have to question these whether the intent of these actions was to better the team as a whole, or to run from the issues to allieviate their own stresses and potentially see the end of the group, when I truly feel like we are a place to see some REAL and EFFECTIVE and GOOD change. And so it is my request that before leaving the group and deciding that this is all too much, that you guys PLEASE stay and hear me out, and maybe give me a chance to make this ship sail. Because it can, and I know it can. I just ask that you guys give me a chance, and stand by me in these troubling times. I ask this of ALL of you. Please, and thank you. =GEN=TheBuddhaMan
  9. here is a list I've started, to get you guys thinking. These are all things that we would discuss in training, and try to implement on the battlefield. -General- Mobility, Firepower, Armor, Size/detectiblility Knowing the stats of the tanks Understanding the role of your tank on the field Angling to deflect shots Features of the minimap Cover vs Camouflage View range and camo ratings Knowing when to shoot and when to hold fire Flanking, Sniping, Brawling Avoiding being Flanked, Sniped, or Brawled when you don’t want to be Weak points on tanks When to track vs going for damage Getting hull down Face hugging vs side hugging Stop and fire 3rd person view vs 1st person Engaging multiple opponents -CW- Prioritizing targets Situational awareness Overwatch Suppressing fire Knowing the enemies priorities Mixed squad groupings Specing your crew Staying alive, unless sacrificing yourself has a clear benefit for the team Effective communication
  10. This is just a starting off point for what I hope will become a comprehensive WoT guide for new and not-so-new players to reference if they have any questions or concerns about the strategy, mechanics, and general feel of the game in all it's glory. I will start with two simple things: the WoT wiki page, and a request that those of you who feel you are experienced in the feel of the game create a list of important elements for players to know. Some of us are better suited for different styles of gameplay, and so the more input we can gather, the better we can help each other! Please post everything relating to 'How to Play the Game' here. This subject will be pinned, and we will probably all be coming here often to seek information. So again, please post in here with a list of concepts you feel are imortant in understanding the game. We will be compiling the lists to guide in future training matches. Also, if even if you haven't been playing a long time, if you think of something useful, please post it. I know that I for one have sort of forgotten what it was like to be a new player, so I may take some basic ideas for granted that would be VERY helpful to know. So don't be afraid to mention or ask about anything you've observed. Here is the WoT wiki page link: WoT wiki
  11. Hey guys, thebuddhaman here, to give you the skinny on the plan for CW tonight. We have two landing attempts; one in Croatia and another on Souss Massa-Draa. The maps will be Province and Sand River. Again, we are trying to stagger the landings so that we have a chance to make our stake on both pieces. We did a kickass job last night, getting to the battle with the owner on Sand River and putting up a good fight for it. Sadly, it was due to a few minor oversights that we were at a disadvantage on the battle with the owner, but we're really starting to get the flow of adaptive tactics on the field. This is crucial to a successful team, so lets keep up the good work. Also, if anyone would like to suggest new maps to try, or new tactics, or ANYTHING, feel free to speak up and make your voices heard! This is a team effort! =GEN=thebuddhaman
  12. Hey guys, this is thebuddhaman, here to let you guys know the plan for tonight's CW match. We have 3 landings in the same time zone, so we're going to need -everybody- who can make it. The hope is that we can catch a bye round on one of these landings so that no matter what happens with the other 2, we still get another chance on the next round. Dragon has informed me that generally, the early applicants get the bye round, so I'm not sure how effective this will be tonight.. but it's a work in progress. We have 2 landings on Sand River, which we should hopefully be gelling on already, and one on Abbey, which we also have some experience on. I'm going to try to post here every day to let you forum-goers know what the agenda for the day is before we have matches. Please, spread the word so we can start banding together to get ourselves some land! AND GOLLLLLLDDDDDDD!!!!! :-D =GEN=thebuddhaman
  13. So I've been thinking about giving it a go at commanding our fearless men and women into battle! I tried throwing chips down just now though, and it's tellin me that I don't have permission to place chips (even though I'm a field commander). Can anyone help me out here?
  14. What I have here, would be considered by many to be a disobeyment of the first Commandment :3 My link ;-) see you on the battlefield!
  15. =GEN=thebuddhaman S-M-T-W-T-F-S / PST 16:00-17:00-18:00 / T9H-1, T9M-1, T7A-1