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  1. sorry, I think that in my confounded state I double/triple/quadruple-clicked the submit button. apologies
  2. I'd have to reinstall it after the HDD died.... ....but, honestly --- WHY??
  3. Yay!! Glad to see a reply from Finky! Hope you're both doing better
  4. o7
  5. Read
  6. Figured this might help those players coming from Role-Playing games -- Read this
  7. Hi all! Here are the links to the first four WoT Tank Academy videos; these should help, as a number of our members have been asking questions regarding the game, its mechanics, and tactics. Understanding how these work, and actually training on the recommendations, will help greatly in platooned pub matches, Company Battles, and Clan Wars. me, you'll be seeing them used against us.... Episode 1 Episode 4 As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to "axe me, baby". lol... Tank smart!
  8. Wish I'd known earlier... I would love to 'sheriff' when these events occur! Please keep me in mind going forward - especially since in 2 FULL days of grinding, I've only seen ONE other sheriff (other than being platooned with you or GrapeApe), and that was in a T1 battle; and I'm not the only one to beef in-game about not seeing sheriffs...
  9. It's only $49,150.00 US.... ...take it out of petty cash! Problem is, where to put the danged thing...? They make a less expensive model, the 1510 -- it has a cup holder! (check the "PRODUCTS" link) Manufacturer's link:
  10. lolz - yep, and she plays havoc with my relationship, too....
  11. Jeez, terrakian, chill.....not everybody plays Eve, and the only one that 'guild'ed it was 'sister.... clan, corp(oration), guild....whatever... It's whatever title the maker/publisher decides to call their in-game player groups.... 'Sides, I can't tell you how many times in game in Eve I see ppl refer to 'quests' ...and, if you hadn't noticed, I'm not bustin' your b*lls about not responding to my question..... - and my question was whether the CARTOON GENERALS CLAN had a presence on Eve; unless, of course we aren't a 'clan', but some other appelation you'd care to assign...
  12. Awesome! ....horny cylons
  13. LOL - that is totally him....
  14. Lmao...yeah, he's the smallest of the three, and he's the beta male (behind me, of course!). Thinks he's a full-size dobie....
  15. Armorhand here; nice to be a prospect with the GENs. I have (fairly) recently resigned from TBC (The Black Company) after realizing (among other things) that I no longer played any games in common with them, had been living as a guest on the GENs teamspeak, and playing WoT with you all almost exclusively for more than a year. I play WoT, BF3 on occasion, STO, and have recently revived my Eve Online account. My wife and I make our home in La Mesa (on the east side of San Diego) CA, with our 3 fur-kids: a Puggle (half Pug/half Beagle) named Snickerdoodle [Doodle for short], and 2 Chihuahuas, Minimus Rex and Coco Chanel. My interests are varied, and include riding my motorcycle, disc golf, smoking my pipe (or a cigar), and shooting, to name a few... If you see me in a channel by myself, or if I drop out of a channel, I'm not being antisocial (really!), I game to game, not for social interaction (I hate cross-talk!)....although there are times when I'm not playing that I'll just be (lurking) hanging out in TS. Again, nice to be here, hope to talk (or shoot) at you soon!