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  1. ~cough~ATI~cough~fastestGPU~coughcough~
  2. For myself, Red Orchestra 2. Also just started playing Dungeon Defenders.
  3. Merry Christmas to you as well!
  4. Yes! Merry Christmas to one and all! Have a great on fellas and take care.
  5. Try and download Spy Bot search and destroy and do a full scan. It might find something Norton might have missed. Have you updated your video drivers?, if so maybe try rolling them back. I ran into this issue back in early fall, your hard drive is not making a clicking or gearing sound is it?
  6. Hey there!, welcome aboard!
  7. Oh British Columbia and Alberta, beautiful country out west.
  8. Modern Warfare 2.5, Battlefield 2.5. In my opinion this years "AAA" shooters have been a huge let down. Time to start looking back at smaller and indie developers again. Thank goodness RO2 is finally all sorted out. Now, back to Mario Kart 7 . Runez, if you enjoy rpg/fantasy games, be sure to check out Witcher!.
  9. Welcome aboard Kozato, good to have you here.
  10. Does not seem like there is. Already seen a number of people in game complaining about the chat window. It can be annoying at times.
  11. EDIT: I am a gomer, I already had an account from the alpha and beta. Add me under LocoWadeWilson.
  12. Hey guys. Ended up grabbing a Seagate baracuda 1tb, 7200rpm sata 2. Was only $54 in change. So nice to be back up and running. I slide my ps3 away again for awhile As for a warranty, just picked up a 3yr direct exchange from the store. The tech did mention about using a solid state for the OS as well. Still a tad on the pricey side.
  13. Wondering if some of you might like to get together for some Left for Dead 1/2, Dead Island or maybe some Killing Floor. Think of it as a Hallows Eve "theme". -Wade
  14. Looks like a lot of fun. Tower defense type games never seem to get boring. Still play the hell out of Field Runners at work lol.