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  1. Thanks for the patch Cappy
  2. Well, I decide to try it after they put it on sale. It really sucks. All the comments are true. 1) beginner guns are crappy, 2) spawns in TDM are messed up, 3) You can drive and collect money, but your guns still suck, you need to use them to get better ones. 4) No one is plaing it - so there are no servers There are 2 tyse of maps that are pretty good... Heist and Blood Money.
  3. Just curious... I have not purchased Hardline. I did not really like the Beta. Has anyone purchased it and care to post a review on it?
  4. Phantom Assignments: We should plan to meet on Saturday / Sundays and help anyone interested to complete their assignments. We will need to configure our server for certain games... Such as Air Superiority - for the 20 jet kills, Conquest - for "Tank Wars" to get 100 tank kills, etc. I will help anyone to acquire their tags. I have all four and can help complete the assignments. You need to complete all of the previous Phantom assignments. 1) Then you equip the Phantom camo, Phantom paint on all weapons loaded, Phantom dog tag on right and one of the other 4 tags on the left Ex. (Operation Whiteout, Giants of Karelia, Hammerhead, Hangar 21). dog tag. 2) Now you have to find 3 other people who have the previous Phantom assignments completed. 3) Each of them needs one of these Final Stand dog tags (Whiteout, Giants of Karelia, Hammerhead, Hangar 21). 4) Then you enter with these 3 guys the lift that leads to the Phantom room on Hangar 21. The next problem isn't solved yet. 5) To reach the bow we need to enter a password. Phantom Code: 1290429397648970 Note: You do not need to complete assignments before acquiring tags - But, they must be done to perform all the other steps... Dog Tag Locations for all maps: Link to Maps for finding tags: Here is what it looks like: Operation whiteout: YouTube video about the Bow: Several YouTube videos showing locations:: this is one of them: Info about Dog Tags: - You need to play on ranked or official servers - Minimum of 4 players in game - Usually respawn randomly after one is found in 5 - 8 minutes - They will spawn in front of you - They have respawned in same spot right after being found there - Found several where they do disappear when knifing - Have found 1 that would not break open when knifing nor shooting it makes it open. Had to have map restarted - Have found 4 on the same map in a round after waiting 5 - 8 minutes?? every time Remember: To get to Phantom Facility in the Back of Hanger 21: - Phantom Camouflage must be worn - Phantom Paint must be on your weapons - Both - Phantom Prospect Dog Tag must be worn on the right - One of the 4 secret dog tags must be worn on the left Finally, to get past the force field: - Code:"1290-429-397648-970" Happy Tag hunting... Good Luck! Jett
  5. All, I have completed the BF4 Phantom Assignment - It was a lot of work. I was discussing with some of the clan members on BF4 today and suggested that we coordinate our playing on our server to allow others accomplish all of the Phantom Assignments. Please comment your preferences here. Jett
  6. I use a Saitek Cyborg lighted keyboard, a Logitec G600 mouse and an old Microsoft Joystick for flying. I need to find a better joystick as this one is so old the drivers are not supported and everytime there is a game update I need to rebind everything.
  7. Looks great on the video - I can't wait to try it out... Very nice!
  8. Missed the free download... but I heard it was a waste that it was only single player. Looked at it online... Which version is the one to use? Buy Red Orchestra 2 - $9.99 Buy Red Orchestra 2 - Digital Deluxe Edition - $19.99 Buy Red Orchestra Franchise Pack - $59.99 Buy Tripwire Bundle - March 2014 - $99.99 Jett
  9. I have Procon Installed - Need the Password. Please Send it PM to me. Thanks
  10. Anyone still having problems with game crashes? I keep loosing points, medals, etc. from frequent crashes. Wondering if it is my video drivers, NVIDIA, or other settings - shaders, etc.
  11. Great news Hodgy. I have been traveling and staying in Hotels with very low bandwidth. But, I look forward to some games when I return home. Thank you for doing this. Jett1199 - is my BF name
  12. There is an issue with the most recent TS3 update. Checked the forums and several people also have the problem. Where once you join a server the PTT key does not work. It will bind to a mouse key but not the keyboard. I have not seen a patch or fix for it yet.
  13. Watched several... they are funny... How do I unlock the Bipod on the Tactical Knife??
  14. Yes, I am still running the Dev version. How do I roll it back yo the regular version?
  15. I tried all of the recommended ways to install ACRE - Arma3 will not run when it is enabled. Also this file does not load at all - @Zev;R3F_ARMES I will need to get on when others are on to trouble shoot the setup. Jett