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  1. Yes as i see you used a different chat log from today and as i said most admins warn people and i was actually warned by the admin and it did not continue. Atleast post todays chat logs that will reflect more on what my post was about.. As for the permanent ban it makes no difference to me whatsoever, if i really wanted to be in your server that bad i would change my mac. Thanks for your time looking into this. Alucard there is no disregard for your server or your clan, when playing and killed multiple times by a camper, it gets frustrating and you let them know it by calling out random names, if like i said, the admin would have said ! Butcher last warning or mind your language it would have stopped and i would have been reminded in my head of your rules and appologised. And if that warrants being permanently banned then so be it. Unfortunately coming from the UK the word pussy is losely used and meaning that a person is scared rather than anything derogatory to them. So really Alucard the complete disregard for your servers are unfounded, but thank you for the reply. Tortang Thank you, and you are equally an exceptional player. As for respecting others then as i said above the word pussy is used loosely in the UK, and not something brits take exception to. Thanks for your time gentlemen I do not need to post on your forums again and start flaming wars over this. Good gaming with you all.
  2. Today i was playing your server as i have done for a few days, i called a guy a puss, admittedly wrongly, i had no warning from any admin about this and carried on playing, when the guy continued about language an admin kicked me without a word of warning, the best part of this is the guy complaining was not even in your clan, yet an admin sees fit to listen to him and just kick me, i know you have server logs, so maybe a view of this for the people who hand out admin privelleges would help. Reading your admin rules i see it states that a warning beforehand should be given before being kicked. That certainly would have reminded me of your rules. I guess the player complaining must have been a friend of the admin at the time. I have played your server many times and most admins adhere to your rules, however very annoying when most of your admins do not listen to other players and when someone comments about a runner or something else most say thanks we will deal with it when we see it.. This is not a flame against your clan or anything against an individual, just a complaint that if you have rules then the people with the admin rights should adhere to them. Thanks.