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  1. lol
  3. where do I sign up to buy this badboy!!
  4. lol, yeah right.. we only have about 20 - 30 "active" members... so your odds might be better then you think
  5. After trying to play with a joystick for 2 weeks now.. I have given up. Mouse and keyboard seem better way to go right now until we get better customization tools.
  6. I saw the multiplayer video yesterday... Looks good enough to take my money again... Need something to take up my time other then MWO.
  7. Decided to stay with the GENs now that I have had a cooling off period. May I put my tags back on?
  8. It is possible to make enough credits (isk) in EVE to be able to make the game free. It may take a few months of membership payments (mabey 2 at the most) to train the required skills but like me, you can do it fairly easy. PS.... If any of you EX EVE players are no longer using your accounts and would like to loan them out..... I would be more then happy to check them out. Send me a private message if interested.
  9. Couple of changes I would agree to... 1. ALLOW Tomahawks 2. 1 game TDM, 1 Game CTF and 1 game HQ or S&D. Playing the same game type for all 3 matches sucks
  10. Hawken might be something to check out....
  11. Safe to say we are gonne be Mercs then?
  12. ok, we will accept your challence but with a few changes. 1. Walling allowed (to a point). If you can see the body part of a target you may not be able to hit it because of a glitch. I propose you can shoot at what the person is hiding behind to kill them (as you would do in REAL LIFE). We all have experienced the glitching that can happen in a game and although it may not look like it if you think you are in a sweet spot.. you may apear to be glitching into a wall or something from someone else's POV. 2. No pistols PERIOD! (unless you are out of primary ammo. If you run out of primary amy you better make it clear by dry firing your primary weapon a few times so it is caught on video because I WILL be looking for those.) 3. Date needs to be on Sat night at 7pm... Sunday is bad for us as out overseas members would most likely be at of on thier way to work because it would be monday morning for them.
  13. Good to see you back Talong... If your interested... there is an open space back in the Liaison Dept. if your interested. Could use ya...
  14. That date and time may not work out.. I'll get with Lead asap and get back tp you.