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  1. Hmm, alright; well I am just still looking for a game for all of us to play in so I hoped that it would be something that would interest everyone.
  2. Was recently checking the Steam Store and saw that EVE is now free, checked the features and the only real limitation on not paying subscription is we don't have access to all the ships and some skills. With that being said, I was curious as to whether or not anyone would be interested in the game and which race we would all play as. Personally I was leaning either Caldari or Gallente. Afterwards we could create a GEN branch in EVE if you so want.
  3. I play it every 9 PM EST with FyreEffect
  4. Knowning myself, I will end up being driven insane by all the lines of code X.x. Teachers have a real obsession with c#, they refuse to teach anything else.
  5. I mean...we could still try playing it. Too bad if it (probably) doesn't have dedicated servers. But it does feel nice that they are returning to the WWII roots. The pessimist in me feels like somehow it will be meh though.
  6. I wish haha! Man, I would love to work on something like that
  7. sure I will download it too since now I have a graphics card that can handle that game
  8. I don't know the meaning of that phrase "Too many" It is just right
  9. A: Hearts of Iron IV, Stellaris, Europa Universalis IV, Starbound, Terraria, Elder Scrolls Online, Guild Wars 2, Battlefield something too many, Borderlands 2, Unreal Tournament, Company of Heroes, and Dead by Daylight, League of Legends, Smite, Dota 2. B: All of the Call of duties except the three newest ones, Planetary Annihilation, Arma 2, Landmark, Garry's Mod, Fractured Space, Guns of Icarus, HAWKEN, WoT, WoS, Warthunder, Team Fortress 2, Elite Dangerous, GTA V, Red Orchestra, Counter-Strike, Payday 2, Crysis 2, Rainbow Six Siege, DayZ, Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age Inquisition, Medal of Honor, and Titanfall C: Guild Wars 2, Stellaris, World at War, Team Fortress 2, Unreal tournament, ESO. Honestly, I'm just looking for people to play with on a mmorpg.
  10. I shall no prepare for a Banzai Charge. Tenno Heika Banzai. Yes wrong war I know. But still.. bayonet charge.
  11. When at first I saw the title of BF1 I was hoping for just a split second we would have CE year 2 war. Rome vs Gauls.
  12. Okay, so as most of us already know, there is going to be a remake of Call of Duty 4 that will be released alongside Activision's newest iteration : Infinite Warfar They have already announced all intentions of making it have dedicated servers and I am extremely willing to help pay for a server when the game is released. I see this as the perfect game to get our clan resurrected and to go out there and recruit again and simply participate. I just would like to know how many of you guys are interested in this and would be definitely willing to join me on the remake. Also, if we do this, who would be willing to be admins/moderators and have a dedicated person for recruiting? How many people do we have on US time, Pacific, Greenwich, etc.
  13. Level 21, been afk again since working at Walmart almost every day. Uplay account is Silvanusero
  14. I am still lvl 22 since been distracted with online classes. Hit me up if you guys want to ever play and you are on the US Servers. Tried playing on the Asian servers with Blackbox and Hodgy at one point but the subways were always missing their floors, so I died falling. In terms of future games, man, I am waiting for Cyberpunk 2077 and Deus Ex. Mass effect too, but that is in 2017
  15. I was going to suggest a ATH-M50x the sound quality is amazing.