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  1. After I installed it my Black OPs gameplay is all screwed up. Curious if the game changes anything to have caused this. Really odd
  2. Who else has purchased COD WWII? Waiting for my download to finish up.
  3. Curious what version people are purchasing for Battlefield 1? Trying to justify the $130 for Ultimate.
  4. I am looking forward to this.
  5. I would support a COD 4 server. I am anxious for the new Battlefield to be released. Would love to see what they do with WWI settings. Hopefully, the multiplayer servers will not stick to simply trench warfare.
  6. I guess it is time I start playing something different. I have been stuck on playing Black Ops and some Arma3 and I need a change.
  7. I have seen a couple of systems after the recent Win 10 update cause the Windows Search service running nonstop. It almost seems that the Windows is attempting to reindex the files. All but 1 machine eventually made its way back to 'normal' but the slowest time was from an older laptop and only after 48 hours. Way to go Microsoft as I am certain you go through a thorough Beta testing off new releases and 'fixes' before you force them on your loyal customers. I too wish that we could run the software coded for Windows on a Mac or even Linux.
  8. Guy drinks 6 drinks with an awesome finish.
  9. Cappy, can you ship one of these to the States for me?
  10. I am going to hold off on this one.
  11. Merry Christmas to all.
  12. Hello all GENs, I need to apologize for my absence that last few months. Has been chaotic with work, home and my gaming PC die a slow and painful death. I am happy to report that I have just completed a new gaming system and am looking to come back if you can accept me back that is.
  13. Welcome
  14. I have been with a couple of software companies where that has happened.
  15. Happy 4th!!