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  1. I got Early+Premium... technically the same except for the title.
  2. Hi Marko How r u doing mate!
  3. i would prefer having shotgun for sidearm/self defense and also give me one of those sam fisher goggles XD
  4. wow well written and concise alpha review Lead. hope things going to get better over times too... cant wait for fog sniping action... i will just shoot at anyone that light up their cigarette at nite... LOL
  5. updated to include best in slot for set armor stats
  6. look for stamina mods with armor... that will increase ur toughness a bit
  7. BF4 is banned in china because they didnt like the shanghai expansion
  8. if they have greek era battlefield it would be called "Battlefield -300" guess i will be sniping with artillery then XD. Imagine u start up with a shovel and then the war blimp comes...
  9. i think br0ekn is lvl30
  10. even if its fixed its still one of the stronger traits... for DPS that is... as u arent planning to take dmg anyway. Not good for tank or Solo build though.
  11. Thanks guys, some of these are gathered with reading comments and stats as well as playing with clanmates. More to come!
  12. Reserved for Part 4 DARKZONE END GAME PVE + PVP
  13. Part 3 TEAM SYNERGY As enemies in game is consist of different types it is recommended to take them down fast with following order: RUSHER (Lightning symbol) usually the shotgunner or flamethrower, they do massive damage in close range. SNIPER (crosshair symbol) the deadliest enemy in long range. they can 1 shot or 2 shot you so make sure to take them out before pushing forward GRENADIER (grenade symbol) they are armed with multiple types of grenades and you will loose health fast if you are not careful from the blasts. MULTIROLE/PRIVATE 1st CLASS (chevron symbol) they prefer to stay medium range and will grenade you from time to time. BOSS/NAMED BOSS (double chevron) They are the boss that will drop gold loot in end game. In Mission its best to kill them last as sometimes it triggers escape even that doesnt allow you time to loot. In Darkzone, you can rush in for the loot and run away or kill the rest of enemy npc. More to come...
  14. Part 2 GEARING AND ARMOR Gearing in end game generally denotes what role you want to play be it tank, dps, healer or cc (crowd control). The parts can have the stats below: FIREARM increases your weapon damage STAMINA increases your health ELECTRONICS increase your skill cooldown and skill power The higher your gear to 1 type of stats, the more you are skilled towards that stats. The higher the armor stats, the less dmg you take. With this in mind you will further gear your stats as following roles: TANK Can equip with Shield and pistol to take up most of the aggros in game. Recommended to have high STAMINA and ELECTRONICS as you can spam tank related skills over and over. Recommended health is 100K and preferred armor value 60% or 6000 armor value. DPS Either pure DPS (FIrearm+Electronics) or Tanky DPS (Firearm+Stamina). In High End group, pure DPS might be preferred but make sure you at least have 45K health to be viable to run. HEALER you are more on Stamina+Electronics as to stay behind and ensure group is up all the time. You need the electronics stats to maintain faster cooldown of healing skills CC you need CC skill to ensure that the team doesn't get overwhelmed and die in an instant. Skill such as Drone grenades(tear gas), sticky bomb, grenades (fire, shock, tear gas) and turrets with flame or shocking capabilities can help to stop enemy rushing in hard. Turret will have a chance to get hacked so make sure you dont throw them too close to your team. SKILL TALENT - There are some skills to be had to increase the potency of your build. More to come later. There are 6 gearing parts in game and they are: MASK CHEST GLOVE KNEEPAD BACKPACK HOSTLER As of these parts can roll either FIREARM, STAMINA or ELECTRONICS. Some gear can have 2 (Firearm+Stamina) but only HOSTLER can have 3 stats(Firearm+Stamina+Electronics). Some gear has slots in them for you to further increase your stats with the GEAR MODS which includes, Firearm Mods, Stamina Mods, Electronics Mods and Performance Mods. Not many people know this but even Each of these GEARS have TALENT too. The best Talent for each gear for new into end game as follow: MASK - 1. Enduring (healing faster at last segment of health) 2. Refresh (Improve healing) 3. Rejuvenated (Remove all negative effects while using heal) CHEST - Vigirous (Healing - Medic) GLOVE - 1. Reckless (Dmg Deal and receive more dmg - DPS) 2. Savage (% dmg for enemy out of cover) 3. Cunning (Crit chance % after reload 1 bullet) 4. Astute (Crit Chance for 1st 3 bullet) 5. Decisive (Sidearm heatshot % dmg - Tank with Shield) KNEEPAD - 1. Perceptive (Scavenging and Gold find) BACKPACK - 1. Specialized (Skill power increase) 2. Incentive (Skill power) HOSTLER - 1. Steadfast (Health Regen) SET ITEM - Set item gear is now the king of armor for 1.2 patch. This link shows the best in slot for set items.
  15. Here is some game advice to players who reached character lvl30. What happen is at lvl30 there is end game content such as Dark Zone (DZ) and daily missions. THE BASIC In the end game, 3 types of currency becomes critical. In game credit (This is good for getting that in between weapons before you hit the really high end equipments) Phoenix Credit (use to purchase high end blue print and equipments, can only be achieved by killing named bosses in game after lvl30 or from daily missions) Division Tech (from Darkzone loot drop but will be dropped in normal zone after 1.1 patch. Division Tech is used in crafting really high end weapons) When you reached 30, you will be faced to redo some of the missions as dailies or venture into darkzone but with added difficulties and higher tier boss. Though you are lvl30, your NPC bosses can scale to lvl31 and 32 respectively. As we know that higher tier mission and DZ npcs will no longer be red, they will constantly be Purple and Gold/Yellow bosses around. Your lvl30 weapon will start to have little damage to the lvl32 npc and bosses and hence more grind to look for loots thats beyond lvl30. The grades of weapon are : White > Green > Blue > Purple(Superior) > Gold (High End) Not many people know that even your lvl30 weapon is in fact lvl31. Its just only require you to be lvl30 to equip it. Most lvl31 items are gold item and often dropped by lvl30 and beyond gold npc or bosses, with bosses has the higher dropping rate. THE ROLE PLAYING ELEMENTS: Part 1 WEAPONS Weapon is Division is divided into: Marksman - Highest DMG per bullet, Slowest rate of fire. Has the most recoil among all the weapons. Can be further split into Semi Auto Police MK17, M1A or Bolt Action M44 variant Assault Rifle - High Per Bullet Dmg, Medium Clip size and can have fast firing M4 rifle or higher dmg bullet AK74 but slower firing rate. AK74 with good crafting roll is the highest true DPS weapon in division. Best Assault rifle for starting end game will be BLACK MARKET AK-74 and LIBERATOR M4 rifle currently. Light Machine Gun (LMG) - good for providing suppress for team and crown control. Has insane amount ammo count to back it up. If you mod it with extra bullet magazine, everyone will think you never need to change clips. The gold PAKHAN is a good starter high end LMG for players who transition into better high end gear. Its a recommended buy for 475K in game credits (yes you can actually make this amount easily at lvl30. Sub Machine Gun (SMG) - one of the best close in weapon to MELT enemy. Best weapons are Navy MP5, AUG A3 and Vector ACP. Shotgun - good for enemies who will rush you or close in. it only has 2 shots so you better have good aim though. Pistol - Last resort when both weapons you used is depleted. All the loot in game is totally random with specs inside generated at a set range. Purple item has the potential to be the same dmg output as gold weapon so exam closely before you salvage or sell any purple items. The difference between a purple item and gold is the amount of TALENTS you can unlock. Generally: BLUE ITEM: 1 TALENT PURPLE ITEM: 2 TALENT GOLD ITEM: 3 TALENT Each of these talents will have a set of requirement, if you meet the requirements, you will UNLOCK it by showing in WHITE. If you cant meet the requirement, it will GREYED OUT. The requirement is also the pinnacle of your character building. They are combined stats that is found within your ARMOR or GEAR that you are wearing. The gears will give you either 1 or 2 or even 3 of the following attributes: Firearm - Gives you DPS. The higher this value, the more dmg you doing Stamina - More health and Armor value. The higher this value the tankier you are and this is a must investment for high end bosses and patch 1.1 Tech - Better skill dmg or healing and faster cooldown or skill reset So a good weapon will need to have good talent + good rolls. All weapons and items will have a basic RANGE of primary attributes which generated randomly upon crafting or drop. example of assault rifle: DMG 8000-9000 per bullet. So the game will randomly pick a number from 8k-9k and became your final dmg. If you roll 9000, you are a lucky bastard. 3 random talents if its gold and the last talent is unlocked without requirements. So far the good talents for most weapons are Stable, Balanced, Add Crit Chance, Add Crit Dmg, Chance to refill entire magazine, more dmg if you loose health, more dmg if enemy gets closer (for smg and shotgun). Other talents can be experimented based on your taste. Gold Weapon require 5 Gold Weapon Parts and 3 Tool Parts to craft and be prepared to craft a few of them because not all roll are equal. Look for the more powerful talent is a priority. All weapons will have mods to further TAME the characteristic of the weapon and make it more stable to enhance its dmg output. The mods are: Scope Magazine Hand Grip muzzle So you can see from here the choices to make your weapon unique is immense. Whether you want to have more range, more crit chance, more stable, more accurate, faster firing rate, more bullets per magazine etc. Rule of Thumb for: Marksman Rifle - Stability, Horizontal Stability, Accuracy, Headshot Dmg Assault Rifle - Stability, Horizontal Stability to tame the recoil, Magazine Size SMG - Stability, Accuracy, Rate of Fire, Mag size. Make sure to burst fire to maintain high accuracy LMG - Magazine Size, Stability End of Part 1