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  1. So...if you're in Eve Online, I know TBC is starting to move a bit towards joining up with Hard Knocks Inc. for doing WH's again. Add me in-game if ya want a contact or just shoot the breeze, ect: Je'hira Osiris, Tatarinov I can probably vouch for ya to join up with HK if you have a really good toon, decent activity, and lots of knowledge about WH's.
  2. For anyone who has said the KV-5 is a bad tank: Here is the recording:
  3. Selling this: Price: $180 + S&H With my Corsair 800 this puppy was running Crysis 2 maxed out (DX 11 + high-res texture pack, i7-2600k @ 4.5Ghz) at 44 FPS on average and 66C max temp. Throw me a PM if you're interested for further contact info, ect. Respectfully, PROACEX1
  4. A perfect team, something quite rare in pubs. Replay:
  5. Expanding upon the power creep that I was hinting at above, this guy describes it perfectly: T10 MDs Stats: Looks like Russians win again. Americans win when it comes to T8 arty:
  6. That just kinda comes to show ya that an Obj 268 has some really, really nice advantages, even with accuracy being a bit of an issue... And the armor stat is sadly inaccurate due to not taking slope into account, and Obj 268 has more effective armor when utilizing the pike then a JPE100! The Foch also has a very good advantage with sloped armor versus the other TDs. Interestingly enough, the JPE100 still has extremely effective alpha, which is what is quite important in many peek-a-boo matches. Give me another week and I'll have a comparison up on the JPE100 and and the Obj. 268. I think both have potential in clan battles. E3's, just like T95s, have very limited versatility compared to the E4 due to a lack of turret and a lack of speed, thus making the E4 the only new TD that has potential in every match regardless of map influence. However, the 268 with gold rounds and such a high traverse has the best potential overall in clan battles to be very effective in defensive and offensive applications. The speed in and of itself make the Obj 268 able to keep up with a mixed composition if needed.
  7. Replay of last night: Tank like a boss, namely the last 2 minutes of the match. Never sweated that much in a looooong time.
  8. Looks good, I like it!
  9. Should be possible, if not. Derp. Lol. Respectfully, PROACEX1
  10. Congratz Dragon! Respectfully, PROACEX1
  11. Agreed. It could've easily gone far better. If we practiced more we would have guessed eventually about the T1/T2 trick and maxed out our potential points allowances (i.e. more T8s). Alas. But ya gotta find out the hard way. Need to do more practices! Respectfully, PROACEX1
  12. Wassup guys, anyone wanna start up a team? Respectfully, PROACEX1