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    FPS, strategy games, Sci Fi Books and movies, coaching youth sports - I work in High Tech for Intel Corporation as an RD engineer
  1. Loose, My Specs: (Intel Employee so I get employee deals) Intel Extreme DX97SI -( Last Intel Extreme Motherboard I will own, they have left the Extreme Business) i7-3930K @3.2 GHZ 8.00 GB RAM (Need to add more- have not - and have not suffered - played BF4 Beta without any issues when servers were up) GTX 670 120GB SSD for speed I find the biggest gains in my game playing came from Video Card, MotherBoard / CPU, SSD, Memory, in that order - I have been thinking about getting a i74930K - but they are not graphed yet on Tomshardware - $300 through Work -,Marque_fbrandx14,3143.html - multi thread,Marque_fbrandx14,3142.html - single thread,Marque_fbrandx14,3145.html - GFLOPS
  2. awesome fun - - and with Mods there is a lot you can do with it, we were doing a desert battle with m4a1 abrams at one point at work back in 2006
  3. maps played = 4 disconnects = 1 Game Play Scale 1-10 = 9 Kill Ratio - cant say - I suck Lag = 0 lag noted Purchase=already planned EDIT - I am running the Beta Nvidia drivers for my GTX 660
  4. lol - thanks for that Chaz - hehe - wanna go for a ride ?
  5. memory conflict maybe ?
  6. Chaz - hook up with me when you can, and I will walk you through our proscribed steps Cit
  7. that is a SUPPORT item for the MOOBS -
  8. I do recommend you change your max fps limit per Waller - I set mine at max - and everyone can say the human eye can only see so much , yes I agree. however - we all drop frames . . . what if my dropped frames are the ones I need to see the gun barrel around the corner -
  9. Hey

    hello legend - I do a lot of BLOPS , followed by WAW and BLOPS 2 - and NEVER followed by ARMA . . .
  10. Rottie, We will pray for your family tonight, and ask God for Grace during this time. I am truly sorry for your loss. John
  11. lol - just bout pooped myself laughing at that comment
  12. ha - figured Old Spock was down for the count . . . NOT
  13. I read it - and I feel so dirty now . .
  14. rebuild it? I always considered video cards commodities, when they go, they go. I do have one that has a squealing fan, which is the extent I would consider rebuilding one . . .