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  1. Game: BO Name: [GEN] Sickness Server: #1 Details: Tired of this boy's verbal abuse, when your just bs in general, damn, soawn raped again, etc..he has to jump in with personal attacks, "stop your whinning I'm tired of it..." etc.... Caonstant poor attitude. Finally told him to go F himself and left (wrong of me I know I apologize to any who were offended by the language). Feel free to ban me (I bet his petty azz already did, lol) and remove me from here ( I couldn't find a de-register I loooked...) You have some Fanatastic players and better humans (Fluffy, Waller, Alucard, Patty, al.) But this mealy mouth prick has run me off, won't be back. No reply is really needed as I suspect the final outcome will be.....nothing. Thank you for your time in considering this matter. I remain
  2. Sort of removes any real reason for pub players to register. Ok thank you for your time in considering this matter. OC
  3. Forums seem a mite dead, must have been a hard weekend. I was mostly wondering if they stay that way, so as to not bother with checking them regularly? Qwae nocent, docent.....(that which injures, teaches...)